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Chapter 255: Fu Zhi Is Fu Zhao’s Daughter – 2

“Hah…” Fu Zhao scoffed. “He’s gone. He’s going to die tonight.”

Old Master Dong was dumbfounded. He thought this was a good opportunity to get to know the Fu Family, but the atmosphere did not seem right to him.

Even though Fu Zhao was younger than Old Master Dong, he had a knack for business. There was a certain group of people in this world who were born for vanity fairs, and Fu Zhao was definitely one of them. Old Master Dong did not know why his son would offend such a person, and his face turned pale.

After a short while, he said, “I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience and problem my son has caused you. I’ll make him apologize to you personally.”

Fu Zhao then replied swiftly, “That son of a b*tch’s very existence is already a mistake, understand?”

Old Master Dong was left speechless.

Fu Zhao did not want to talk to Old Master Dong anymore. He cut to the chase and said, “Fu Zhi is my daughter. Dong Cun is scum on earth. He’s not even worthy of helping my daughter put on her shoes!”

After saying that, Fu Zhao hung up the call.

Old Master Dong felt even more confused. He had never heard that Fu Zhao had a daughter before. Was she his illegitimate daughter, goddaughter, or something else?

In any case, the one thing he was very certain about was that Fu Zhao was hell-bent on destroying his son.

Du Min knew Old Master Dong was someone who valued his reputation more than anything else and would only do something that benefited him. Then, he said, “If Mr. Dong is not able to give the Fu Corporation an answer, I think many people will be willing to seek justice on behalf of the Fu Corporation.”

After saying that, Du Min left the Dong Mansion.

Old Master Dong slumped in his chair. It took him quite a while to digest everything that had transpired and call his son.

However, Dong Cun did not answer the call.

Left with no other alternative, he hollered at a servant and gave his orders. “Book a flight for me. I’m going to find that son of a b*tch in Yu City!”

Dong Cun had just come out of the laboratory when Lu Chuwan informed him of her accident. His phone had run out of battery long ago, and he had not charged it. By the time he arrived at the hospital, Lu Jinqing was already there.

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Lu Jingqing and Dong Cun stood by Lu Chuwan as she filled them in on the entire situation.

Lu Jingqing frowned, as he thought this was a ridiculous story. He said, “So are you saying that she took your medicine? Why would she do that? That’s so ridiculous.”

Even though Fu Zhi would not give them any medicine and just allowed them to use the Valley Orchid in the garden to make tea, Lu Jingqing did not believe that his daughter would do such a deed.

“Ridiculous? The bottle of medicine in her drawer is exactly the same as the one I lost. If she didn’t steal it from me, then why was it in her drawer?” Lu Chuwan said. This was something she had expected. She knew Lu Jingqing and his family would not believe her, so she had prepared herself for it. That said, she still felt disappointed in them. After all, she had nearly lost her life this time. Therefore, since they had chosen to side with Fu Zhi, she would not regard them as her family anymore. Pulling a face, she sneered, “I know why she wanted to steal my medicine. She’s jealous of me. If she really didn’t do anything, then why would she hire someone to kill me when I was reporting her to the police?”

Dong Cun then chimed in, “This is not the first time she’s involved in a murder case.”

“I respect you as my elder, which is why I’m talking to you right now, but…” Lu Chuwan raised her head to look at Lu Jingqing. “Honestly, I’m truly disappointed in you. Not only did she steal something from me, but she also tried to kill me. If I hadn’t been lucky, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, so I truly don’t understand how you can still choose to believe her blindly and stand by her side after knowing everything.”

Lu Jingqing did not know what to say.

‘She is disappointed in me? How ridiculous! Besides, is there anything wrong with me believing my own daughter?’

The entire incident was too complicated. He was certain that his daughter had not stolen from Lu Chuwan, and he was confident that she would not hire someone to kill her.

Right now, all he had to do was get to the bottom of this incident and clear his daughter’s name.

“Jingqing, you’ve got to knock some sense into your daughter’s thick skull,” Bai Yao said as she looked at Lu Jingqing.

Lu Jingqing replied, “I already called Zhizhi, and she’s on her way here.”

‘So is the director of this hospital.’

Lu Jingqing was well-prepared. There was no way he would let go of anyone who had tried to harm his daughter.

Very soon, Fu Zhi and Lu Yumo arrived. The moment they stepped into the ward, Bai Yao threw herself at them, her eyes wide in rage. “You murderer!”

As if she had prepared for this, she scooped up a remote control and hurled it at Fu Zhi. “How dare you hire someone to kill Wanwan! Who the hell do you think you are, you little b*tch!”

Bai Yao never went easy on other people’s children. She had always been an arrogant woman, and she was someone who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Now that Fu Zhi had done something wrong and had nearly killed someone, it went without saying that she would not let go of such a good opportunity to get back at her.

Her words successfully made Fu Zhi snap. The expression on her face turned grim as she stared menacingly at Bai Yao.

The remote control was heading straight for Fu Zhi’s face, but Fu Zhi stepped aside before it could land on her.

The remote control dropped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

“How dare you step aside? Can’t you see that I’m teaching you a lesson?!”

Bai Yao rolled her sleeve up and raised her arm up once again. Then, she stared furiously at Fu Zhi as she spoke through gritted teeth. “You’re not an orphan from an orphanage. You’re a murderer and a thief, and you belong in jail! The reason you came to the Lu Family is that you want to get our family’s property! We should’ve thrown you out the day you came!”

Could she smother her anger by sending Fu Zhi to prison?

No! The only way to vent her spleen was by beating Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi pulled over Lu Yumo, who was standing behind her, and took a dagger out of his pocket. Then, she pointed the dagger straight at Bai Yao’s face, causing Bai Yao to stop in her tracks.

Fu Zhi patted her face with the dagger, and Bai Yao felt her face get cut. It seemed as though there was some warm liquid flowing down her cheek.

She saw the coldness and ruthlessness in Fu Zhi’s eyes. Her heart then skipped a beat, and she fell silent.

Fu Zhi nodded in assent when she saw Bai Yao’s reaction. She continued to pat her cheek with the dagger as she said, “You shouldn’t really act rashly until the fat lady sings. I’m young, and even if I accidentally killed you, the government would not do anything to me. They would at best console me or give me some presents. As for you, if you lost your life, then you’d be truly gone.”

It was only now that Bai Yao realized that the color of Fu Zhi’s eyes was really deep, just like the endless night sky. Lu Chuwan had no idea why, but the eyes of Ye Jiu suddenly rammed into her head.

Bai Yao was filled with both anger and fear. She turned to Lu Jingqing and said in a shaky voice, “Say something, Jingqing. Can’t you see what your daughter is doing?”

‘Who would bring a dagger around as if it were a toy? And she thinks the government would console her or give her presents if she accidentally killed me? If she isn’t delusional, then who is?!’

“Bai Yao, you should have prepared for this when you threw yourself at her,” Lu Jingqing said, rolling his eyes at her. “The reason I got Zhizhi here is to talk to you guys. You, on the other hand, charged straight at her and tried to beat her without waiting for her to say anything, so I don’t see anything wrong with my daughter fighting back.”

The ward fell silent, and even Lu Chuwan did not dare do anything right now.

Dong Cun shot a glance at Fu Zhi. He had given Fu Zhi a chance, but Fu Zhi had turned down his offer. He despised weak people who could not grasp an opportunity, but at the same time, he also understood that Fu Zhi was his only hope to get his hands on more of the Valley Orchid.

Unfortunately, the things Fu Zhi had done today had caused him to despise her even more.

She did not even have the basic moral value of a human. Not only had she pointed a dagger at Bai Yao, but she’d also tried to kill Lu Chuwan?

He could not fathom how foolish she could be to carry out so many illegal deeds in front of everyone. Also, according to Lu Chuwan, Fu Zhi had never mentioned her brothers before, and he surmised the reason behind this was that she wanted them to cooperate with her from the dark.

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