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Chapter 252: Ending The Business Relationship With The Dong Family -1

Fu Zhi thought it was not a big deal.

“Don’t cry,” she told Lu Yumo. Then, she opened up her WeChat and contacted Shen Cizhou. “I’m going to place an order now, and she won’t bother us anymore in the future.”

‘Place an order?’

Lu Yumo asked, “Are you hungry? I’ve learned how to make sweet and sour pork ribs. Do you want some before you go to settle the score with her?”

“You are still young, so you won’t understand. Go wipe the tears off your face first. Don’t forget to put a warm towel on your eyes afterward.”

Fu Zhi was not going to tell Lu Yumo about the “Who do you want to get rid of?” order. One reason was because Lu Yumo was still young, but the main reason was that she had nearly issued the same order as well.

Well, to be honest, Fu Zhi’s worry was totally uncalled for. Considering Lu Yumo’s intelligence and airheadedness, he might not understand even if she told him everything.

Fu Zhi hung up the call.

The temperature in the car dropped below zero. Nobody dared to say anything as she communicated with Shen Cizhou.

Ten minutes later, Shen Cizhou replied with a sigh, “Well, it seems like someone has already helped you teach her a lesson. Before I could do anything, Lu Chuwan was sent to the hospital with a comminuted fracture in her right hand.”

Shen Cizhou suspected that Ye Qi had done it. After all, out of the nine second-generation test subjects, Ye Qi was relatively docile and gentle compared to his brothers. He liked to play games and he abstained from killing.

Holding a cigarette in between his lips, Shen Cizhou added, “Lu Chuwan should’ve seen his face. I think you’re going to be accused of bullying again, sweetie.”

Fu Zhi could notice the jubilation in his voice.

She did not really care if they were going to accuse her of bullying or not. There was one thing she was going to confirm first, so she said, “Tonight, you and I will go and follow up on this matter properly.”

Those flowers were important to Fu Zhi. Lu Chuwan had gone way too far, and Shen Cizhou could sense that Fu Zhi was truly angry this time.

He was a little envious of his employer for being so nice to an autistic person. However, when he thought deeper, he surmised that the reason she did not treat him nicely was that he was not a person with disabilities.

Fu Zhi kept silent on the way home.

Xu Wenhao was genuinely terrified as he watched Fu Zhi get out of the car. It was only now that he realized why some of the students said Fu Zhi was the last person one would want to offend.

She was as gentle and harmless as a rabbit normally, but when she was in danger, she would turn into one’s greatest fear.

Lu Yubai followed Fu Zhi into the house. Mama Zhang was taking her plants downstairs. The flowers were in poor shape, and she was helping Fu Zhi bury all the fallen leaves and flowers in the soil.

Fu Zhi took the flowers and looked at them.

The flowers had grown from specially cultivated seeds. They were fragile, and they required extra care when growing.

She only needed a glance to know that these flowers were beyond hope.

“There are cameras in the Lu Household. I’ll ask Mama Liu to get them for you.”

A normal family would install cameras in its house for security purposes, so it went without saying that a rich family like the Lu Family would do the same.

Keeping her head low, Fu Zhi withdrew a small bottle of remedies out of her bag and sprayed the Valerian Root. Then, she told Mama Zhang, “Can you help me move the flowers under the sun in the yard?”

Mama Liu nodded.

She had changed the pots, but she had left the soil untouched. She knew the soil Fu Zhi used was expensive, as it was specifically used to raise this kind of flower.

As much as Fu Zhi wanted to help Lu Yushen, she remembered that her first depressed patient had developed a phobia and autism after being discharged from the hospital.

Therefore, she knew mind therapy did not work.

As she was picking up the leaves from the table, she sent a message to Li Nanli. “Does the Dong Family have a business relationship with the Li Family?”

Li Nanli replied, “Yes, but we can pull out. What do you want me to do?”

“Pull out then.”

After saying that, she sent a one-dollar red packet to Li Nanli through WeChat and said, “I’m immensely proud to have raised a dutiful and understanding nephew like you.”

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