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Chapter 242: As Long As You Give Me Enough Money, Honey

Dong Cun did not know how to reason with an ignorant kid like Fu Zhi.

Lu Chuwan had been listening to their conversation from the sidelines the whole time, and she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Dong Cun was leaving. However, Bai Yao felt that it was not enough. She understood that Lu Yumo would side with Fu Zhi since he was a fool, but why did Lu Yubai have to join the fray as well?

Lu Chuwan pressed her lips firmly and clenched her fists so tightly that her nails stabbed into her palm. Forcing a smile on her face, she asked, “By the way, when is cousin coming back?”

Bai Yao frowned when Lu Chuwan mentioned Lu Yubai’s brother, who was receiving treatment abroad. She pressed down the disgust that nearly spilled from her eyes as she said, “Don’t get so close to him. He’s a cripple, and you might catch his illness.”

Lu Chuwan curled her lips but did not say anything.

At the same time, Lu Ning was having a fight with Dong Cun. After she finished her fight with Dong Cun, she went to look for Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi had made quite a good impression on Lu Ning.

Since they had been left alone, Fu Zhi got to the main topic. “The top medical team of our country has been working under the Fu Corporation and the government for two years. If I’m not mistaken, the Dong Family’s research team consists only of researchers from overseas, right?”

It was windy at night.

As Fu Zhi stood beside the rockwork, the hair on the side of her face was messed up by the wind, and soft moonbeams lit up her face with a glow of ethereal beauty. The mole on her collarbone was bright red and created a stark contrast against her pale skin.

Lu Ning retracted her gaze and nodded. However, she did not know why Fu Zhi had suddenly brought the topic up, so she asked, “Is there a problem with us hiring researchers from overseas?”

“Yes, there is a big problem,” Fu Zhi replied. Then, she began to list out the consequences of their actions. “Have you thought about why our government wants to sell the anti-cancer drugs to foreign countries? The reason they did so is to cover up the financial loss for supporting those who can’t afford the medicine. Therefore, if another country successfully mastered this technique, do you think we could still sell the medicine for such a high price?”

Lu Ning’s expression changed. “But we’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

“If the confidentiality agreement really works, then how did you guys get the formula for the anti-cancer drug?”

The employee from the research institute was smart. He had destroyed all the communication devices after contacting Lu Chuwan and then gone into hiding someplace in Yu City.

Even though they still could not pinpoint his hiding spot, Shen Cizhou had assured her that he would be able to locate him in a few days.

Fu Zhi replied, “You guys haven’t even figured out whether this project is illegal or not, or if the formula Lu Chuwan found for you is legit or not, so why bother challenging the law just to make some pennies?”

As she was talking, she kept pressing her phone a few times to silence it. At the same time, Lu Ning’s heart was sinking deeper and deeper as a bad hunch rose from her stomach pit.

8:20 p.m.

Fu Zhi took a look at her WeChat. Chu Hao, the buyer who had bought the ointment from her last time, had sent a lot of messages to her.

The nickname Fu Zhi had given him on her phone was Cheapskate, while her nickname for other people, such as Lin Hui, was Moneybag.

Her response speed was based on these nicknames.

Chu Hao had received the ointment half a month ago. The moment he had received the item, the first thing he had done was test its ingredients, and he had only given it to his disciple after finding a trace of Valley Orchid in the ointment.

Initially, he had not placed much hope in the ointment. Therefore, he had been genuinely surprised when his disciple’s burned skin had shown signs of improvement!

That was the reason why Chu Hao had come to look for Fu Zhi again. He wanted to buy ten more bottles of ointment from Fu Zhi, so he said, “It has nearly been a year since the accident, so I would like to know how much this ointment can improve his skin’s condition.”

Chu Hao did not want to give his disciple false hope, so he figured he should ask first.

Fu Zhi replied swiftly, “Honey, as long as you give me enough money, I can even make a bone out of a pile of ashes for you.”

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