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Chapter 243: Fu Zhi Is On The Move – 1

‘Well, that’s not necessary, but according to what she said, it seems like the ointment is really useful.’

With the thought in mind, Chu Hao said, “Then give me 20 bottles.”

After saying that, he transferred eight million yuan to Fu Zhi’s savings account.

Fu Zhi sensed that he had a lot of potential.

Then, Chu Hao suddenly thought of something and asked, “Do you have any medicine for a sore throat? The price is not a problem at all as long as the medicine is effective.”

Fu Zhi replied, “Nope. I don’t have any.”

She could easily whip up a sore throat medicine, but the problem was she did not want to and she did not have the time to do it.

After all, she had put all her heart and soul into creating medicine for her second brother. However, she lacked one type of herb right now, and she had heard that the herb could only be bought from the Chu Family in the capital.

Chu Hao sighed in disappointment before asking, “Then do you have any recommended sellers?”

‘Is he an idiot?’ Fu Zhi commented internally before replying, “Do you think a good-hearted seller like me, who sells not only high-quality but also inexpensive medicine, could be found everywhere?”

Chu Hao did not know how to comment.

At nine o’clock, in the Lu Household…

Dong Cun was sitting stiffly on the couch. He had had a fight with Lu Ning, and his expression was ugly.

Lu Chuwan was standing beside him. She rubbed her hands nervously as she said, “I’m sorry, Uncle Dong.”

Dong Cun pinched the spot between his eyebrows and shook his head. “It’s fine.”

Even though his voice was cold, he did not show any signs of resentment for Lu Chuwan.

Fu Zhi had made her position very clear. She would not sell the Valley Orchid to him. Therefore, Lu Chuwan was the only one he could rely on right now if he really wanted to continue the research and development on the anti-cancer drug.

Therefore, he changed the topic and asked, “How is your record coming along? Any progress?”

“It’s still in preparation, but the company is sending me abroad next week.”

Truth be told, there were a lot of problems with Lu Chuwan’s songs, not to mention that RM Corporation Group, the recording studio that handled Lu Chuwan’s song, had demanded financial support from the Lu Family. However, Lu Chuwan did not dare mention that to Dong Cun.

Dong Cun nodded and ended the conversation. After he rested for a while, he prepared to leave. As he was walking toward the entrance, Lu Chuwan stopped him in his tracks and asked hesitantly, “Uncle Dong, do you know which family in the capital has the number “8” as a license plate?”

Dong Cun frowned. “A license plate with the number 8? It should belong to one of the prestigious families. The Dong Family doesn’t have this kind of license plate. You haven’t reached that level yet, but I’ll introduce you to them when an opportunity arises in the future.”

Today marked the third month of Su Xing’s course of medication, and the condition of her harelip had improved significantly.

In the afternoon, Su Xing bought 10 cups of bubble tea for Fu Zhi.

Sitting at the back of the classroom, Song Fang clicked his tongue when he saw the scene.

Ever since Fu Zhi had enrolled in No.1 High School, he had noticed that the girls who had brought bubble tea or mineral water to either him or Zhou Zihuai every day, regardless of the weather, were gone.

Su Xing then pushed her homework and assignments toward Fu Zhi and said, “I’ve done my homework. Are you sure you don’t need me to help you with your homework today?”

Fu Zhi took a glance at the book in front of her and replied, “You got eight out of the twelve multiple-choice questions wrong, so I suggest you practice more first.”

Su Xing’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “I… I’ll be more cautious next time. I promise you that I will study harder so that I’ll be qualified to help you with your homework!”

‘Ah, what a nice person she is.’

Fu Zhi shook her head. Before she could tell Su Xing that she’d already found someone to help her with her homework, Song Fang suddenly shouted, “Hey, sis! You’ve gone viral again. Check this out!”

Fu Zhi turned her head and looked at him in confusion.

Song Fang then handed his cell phone to her.

At the bottom of Weibo’s trending posts was a post with the tagline: “A certain student from a specific high school claims that Sun Sanzhen, the leading figure of traditional Chinese medicine, is inferior to her.”

The internet nowadays was highly developed, and this tagline was eye-catching. The person who had posted this was a little-known female celebrity under the RM Corporation Group. She had posted a short recording of Tian Nuo asking how Fu Zhi could disrespect Sun Sanzhen, while Fu Zhi bluntly replied that he was indeed inferior to her.

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