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Chapter 241: Lu Yumo, The Meme Master

Fu Zhi did not reply.

Dong Cun’s intention was clear. He had admitted his mistake, but he would not apologize to Fu Zhi, who was younger than him.

“The market value of a Valley Orchid is 20 million yuan, and I can give you a commission of 5 million yuan,” Dong Cun said flatly. “Besides, I will also help you get the opportunity to meet with the professor from Tsinghua University, like Chuwan. I heard that you’re going to take part in the Physics competition? I’m sure that you want to get a good result, right?”

Pressing her lips firmly, Fu Zhi dusted the blazer draped on her shoulder and replied simply, “I don’t need your help.”

She was standing next to Lu Yubai as she stretched the corners of her mouth, curling them upward, though the smile did not reach her eyes. “Since it’s the same question, I’ll give you the same answer. I suggest you drop the thought of recreating the drug, as there’s no way you guys can make it.”

She paused for a second as she looked straight at Dong Cun’s eyes before continuing, making her position clear. “I will never sell the Valley Orchid to you. Stay away from me, stop bothering me and my family, and I’ll wipe the slate clean.”

Dong Cun looked at this niece with an unhappy frown on his hard face. Indeed, she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, but she was arrogant and hard to please.

Truth be told, judging from the things that had happened during the birthday celebration today, it was very apparent that Fu Zhi had more business value than Lu Chuwan.

The reason he had been willing to take care of Lu Chuwan and attend to her demands and wishes was due to the benefit she could bring him in the future. However, Fu Zhi could give the same effect now as well. She was prettier than Lu Chuwan, not to mention that he felt guilty about the things he had done to her in the past, so he was more inclined toward Fu Zhi.

That said, her attitude put him off.

After all, they were in Yu City now, not in the capital. Dong Cun did not think that he needed to be subservient to others or live dependent on the whims of others to make a living. Pulling a long face, he replied, “Are you sure about that? Do you know that a spoken word is past recalling? There’s no…”

“Alright, that’s enough. My sister will only say whatever is on her mind, and she will not take back her words,” Lu Yubai chimed in. “Erm, you’re Uncle Dong, right? My sister already said that she doesn’t want to sell the flower. She respects you as someone older than her, so she doesn’t want to make the situation too ugly for you. As men, we should take everything a woman says into our heart and never bully them!”

This was the first time Lu Yumo had met Dong Cun.

He had not provided them with any food or shelter. He had just popped up out of nowhere and began criticizing his beloved sister. Of course, there was no way he would show any respect to him.

He then added, “Alright, let’s flip the page and continue our lives. My sister has the right to choose who she wants to sell her flowers to, and it’s very clear that you’re not on her list. Let’s adjourn then, shall we?”

Dong Cun’s face darkened. He had never been humiliated like this before, and he clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles started turning white.

Fu Zhi stood in front of Lu Yumo in a protective gesture and said, “He’s still young, and he’ll only tell the truth. If you can’t take it, that means you still need to toughen up your mental endurance.”

She raised her hand to look at her watch and said, “Do you have anything else to say?”

“Suit yourself!” Dong Cun snarled, then walked away.

After all, he still had the five seeds of the Valley Orchid that Lu Chuwan had given him earlier on. Therefore, it was unnecessary for him to hang on to Fu Zhi.

Since Fu Zhi had refused to form an alliance with him, it was fine by him. He could continue to support Lu Chuwan, and he was certain that Fu Zhi would realize that these so-called moral principles and backbone were nothing but jokes before the power of money.

Lu Yubai trained his eyes on the leaving Dong Cun and frowned. He had no idea why, but a bad hunch was stirring at the bottom of his stomach pit. Therefore, he turned back to Fu Zhi and said, “Listen to me, Zhizhi. Don’t give anyone your Valley Orchid. Even if grandma asks you to, just say no. You got it?”

Fu Zhi nodded seriously and replied, “I got it.”

However, Lu Yubai still felt that his sister was a little naive and air-headed. Not wanting her to be deceived and taken advantage of, he pressed on and asked, “What if she insists on it? What are you going to reply if she threatens to kill herself if you don’t give her the Valley Orchid?”

Fu Zhi cocked her head and said, “I will say that Brother Yubai won’t let me give the flower to anybody, including my grandma.”

Lu Yubai was speechless.

“Alright then.” He chuckled.

Well, she had passed the buck late, but she had still blamed him.

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