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Chapter 234: Surprise, Madam Lu – 1

“I can’t give her the money yet?” Huang Song panicked. “Is the price I offered too low? I’m willing to add 10 more million yuan! Please, Fu Zhi, you have to sell the painting to me!”

Madam Lu frowned at Fu Zhi.

This was the best opportunity for them to expand their network. Lu Chuwan would certainly have made use of this chance and created a new painting on the spot for Song Fang to gain his favor.

When Madam Lu thought of that, she chided Fu Zhi inwardly for her lack of sense. Pulling a long face, she said, “This is my belonging, so I have every right and power to do whatever I want with it. When I said I’m going to sell it, it means I’m going to sell it! Master Huang, just take it. We can leave the rest for later. Fu Zhi is still young and she doesn’t know what is she talking about, so she doesn’t have a say in this.”

“But…” Even though Huang Song liked the painting a lot, the last thing he wanted was to rub Fu Zhi the wrong way. He took a look at her again and asked, “Since I’m the one who wants to buy the painting, why can’t I give the money to Madam Lu?”

“Because this is not the gift I prepared for her.”

“Fu Zhi!” Madam Lu shouted as she stared angrily at Fu Zhi. Sensing her anger, Bai Yao seized the chance and chimed in, “You are the one who said you’re going to give the painting to your grandmother, and now you’re not going to honor your promise after finding out how much the painting is worth? Well, I’d expect nothing less from a country bumpkin. After all, everyone who comes from the countryside is improvident and ignorant. You can only see subtle gains and nothing beyond that.”

After saying that, she paused for a while before adding, “Everything you’re wearing and everything you’re using at school has been paid by the Lu Family, so the person you should be most grateful to is your grandmother. If she hadn’t given you a chance to receive a high-quality education, how is there any possibility you could have come across a rare calligraphy technique like this? If it were not for her, no one would have known who you are. Right now, you’ve finally achieved something great and you refuse to pay back your family? Fu Zhi, you’re really the most shameless and ungrateful person I’ve ever met in my life!”

Lu Chuwan then added, “Zhizhi, respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of our country. The most important and first thing to do after you’ve made your mark is repay your grandmother, who has been so good to you. One painting is already not enough, and now you want to take it away? How can you be such an ingrate?”

Standing on the sideline, Xu Wei wanted to say something but she found no chance to do so. She was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Madam Lu was not happy right now, and it seemed to Xu Wei that she was not going to honor her promise to introduce Fu Zhi to the public again. Just as she was thinking of using Master He’s artwork as a stopgap, she saw Fu Zhi looking at Madam Lu icily.

Fu Zhi did not say anything right away but waited until Lu Chuwan and Bai Yao finished their speeches. Then, she opened her mouth and said, emphasizing every syllable that escaped her lips, “I’ve already donated this painting on behalf of my grandmother.”

“What?!” Madam Lu shouted. “You donated my painting? Who gave you permission to do that, huh? Do you know that your action is considered theft and I can call the police to arrest you?!”

Today was her birthday. Not only had Fu Zhi refused to give her a present, but she’d also donated such a valuable piece to a third party…

‘Just what the hell did she want to do?!’

Fu Zhi could sense Madam Lu’s hatred-laden gaze boring into her, but she paid it no mind. She pulled her phone out and said flatly after about five seconds, “I heard that you’re a Buddhist. Is that right?”

“So? What does it have to do with you donating my painting?” Madam Lu asked in a sharp voice.

“The last thing the Lu Family and you lack is money and expensive gifts, so I don’t see any reason for you to hang onto this, what did you guys say just now, crap of mine?” Fu Zhi replied calmly.

Madam Lu did not know what to say. After she paid Fu Zhi for saving her life, she did not have much money left. Besides, she had to return gifts of the same value to all guests who gave her presents today. However, that was not the case for Fu Zhi. She was her granddaughter, and she did not have to give anything back to her.

Fu Zhi added, “I donated the painting to a charity organization on your behalf. Everyone will praise you for your kindness, and you will end up in heaven at the end of your life.”

Madam Lu, who was speechless, felt as if she was going to explode.

Was Fu Zhi there to celebrate her birthday?

No! She was undoubtedly there for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc!

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