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Chapter 233: Face-Slapping Session During The Celebration – 10

Xu Wei could not believe what she had heard. She covered Fu Zhi’s ears and said, “Don’t listen to him, Zhizhi. Common fame is seldom to blame, and leading a simple life is much better than becoming a famous person. Besides, even if you want to be famous, I can help you as well! There’s no need to go to the capital with him!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to comment. After all, she was already very famous, and no people dared to oppose her.

Madam Lu looked at the scene in front of her and something suddenly clicked in her brain. It was only now that she realized how great Fu Zhi was and how much value she had for the Lu Family. A myriad of thoughts flitted across her mind, and her eyes shone brightly. She hastily went forward and shouted, “I can sell you the painting, but she can’t go with you to the capital! She’s my granddaughter, and she has to stay by my side!”

After saying that, she looked at Fu Zhi, offering her a warm smile.

“Okay then.” Even though he could not take Fu Zhi away with him, at the very least he had gotten the painting.

Feeling content, he said, “I didn’t bring my card because I was in a hurry when I came out just now, but you have to give me the painting first. I don’t feel confident letting you guys take care of delicate stuff like this. Anyway, I’ll pay you 50 million yuan afterward!”

‘Fifty million yuan! Does that mean that Fu Zhi’s painting is even more valuable than his own master’s artwork?!’

Madam Lu was a layperson in the realm of art. Therefore, she was greatly amazed by the fact that a simple art piece made by Fu Zhi could actually bring so much profit to her. Not only that, but the Lu Family had even received a promise from the Huang Family, which was the icing on the cake.

She decided that after today, she would ask Fu Zhi to earn money for her by producing more paintings and calligraphy scrolls. This way, she could use the money to take the Lu Family’s business to new heights!

Madam Xu, who was standing on the sidelines, chimed in, “I thought this granddaughter of yours was only good at Physics, but I didn’t expect that she would also excel at painting and calligraphy. I’m certain that in two more years, she will become a force to be reckoned with in the realm of art!”

“Two more years? Are you kidding me? Her skills are even on par with my master’s!”

Lu Jingqing did not know whether he should feel happy or not when Huang Song compared his daughter to a painting master.

On the other side, Lu Chuwan still could not come back to her senses. This was not the scene she had imagined. Why was everyone praising Fu Zhi? Should they not be criticizing her for her impudence and lack of common sense? Why was even Huang Song, the disciple of a painting master, complimenting her and giving her painting a high rating?

Fraught by this sea of questions, Lu Chuwan snapped back to reality and said, “Master Huang, I know you treasure a talented person, but don’t you think it’s not suitable for you to praise a youngster like this to prevent her from looking too bad in public? It’s just too…”

“If you don’t know sh*t, just keep your mouth shut. No one will say you’re dumb if you keep quiet,” Huang Song replied as he stared intently at the painting in his hand. “The reason why Master Fu Jiang is an accomplished master of calligraphy painting is that many years ago, he was the one who brought together the long-lost gilt Flying White Calligraphy Technique of a small country’s imperial family, the oracle bone script, and the regular script to form the Hairpin flower small regular script! When he showed the calligraphy technique to the rest of the world, it made a big splash in the realm of art! And right now, the calligraphy technique Fu Zhi used on this painting is exactly the same technique that Master Fu Jiang showed that year!”

Bai Yao then interrupted. “That means she’s plagiarizing other people’s work, no? Then, there’s nothing to be proud of!”

“The point is that Master Fu Jiang only showed the Hairpin flower small regular script once! If my memory serves me right, that particular art piece was sold for 80 million yuan at an auction that year. Therefore, it’s impossible for the rest of us to study it, and even my master has not mastered this calligraphy technique yet!”

After hearing what Huang Song had said, every guest approached Huang Song to admire the masterpiece. However, Huang Song was not going to give them the chance. He rolled the painting up, caressed it as if it was a baby, and said, “You guys are breathing too much. It’ll speed up the oxidizing process and damage the painting.”

Lu Chuwan and Bai Yao’s faces were grim. Bai Yao wanted to say something again, but Lu Chuwan stopped her, shaking her head at her mother to stop her from bringing more disgrace upon themselves.

As for Huang Song, he turned around and made a call. After a short while, he spun back and told Madam Lu, “Well, right now, you only have to wait for your money.”

The moment he finished speaking, Fu Zhi’s voice rang out. “Hold your horses. You can’t give her the money yet.”

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