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Chapter 235: Surprise, Madam Lu – 2

Upon hearing about Fu Zhi’s gesture, the president of the charity organization, President Ma, walked up to Madam Lu excitedly, grabbed her hand, and thanked her earnestly. “Madam Lu, you’re the most charitable person I’ve ever met. Were it not for your timely donation, I seriously have no idea how much longer we would have lasted. I sincerely thank you for your support on behalf of all the sponsored children.”

Madam Lu was so shocked that she had already lost the ability to react.

‘What the hell is happening? Who the hell is this crazy man?’

Startled, she quickly took two steps back from the man.

“Take him away! Take him away!” Bai Yao hastily went up to hold Madam Lu and shouted angrily, “What do you mean by this, Fu Zhi? How can you let a crazy person enter the Lu Household and keen as if someone is dead? You’re ruining your grandma’s birthday celebration, do you know that?!”

Initially, since the Huang Family had promised that they would do them a favor, Bai Yao had thought of having them introduce her daughter to Master Liu to be his disciple. However, after what Fu Zhi had done, that would not be happening anymore.

Lifting her eyebrow, Fu Zhi replied in a calm voice, “How can you say he’s keening over the dead, when he’s actually just expressing his gratitude to her? As a person who grew up in the 21st century, how can you fail to differentiate between those two?”

At the same time, President Ma seized his chance and cried even louder. “That’s right! I’m just so happy! I come from a humble background, and this is my first time in Yu City. I often heard that the Lu Family is a bunch of kind-hearted people in the past. I used to think that it was just a rumor, but I realized how wrong I was today. You’re as compassionate as rumor has it, and none of the people here can compare to you!”

Madam Lu did not know what to say. Her brain was a muddled mess, and she could not think straight right now. She had never thought things would turn out this way. Right now, there was nothing she could do but go with the flow. Gritting her teeth, she nodded and said earnestly, “The credit belongs to my children. If I had the chance, I’d like to do something for your organization as well.”

“In that case, let’s do it today. After all, time is a bird for ever on the wing, and if we want to do something, we should get it done right away,” Fu Zhi chimed in. Then, she gestured at President Ma, and he stepped forward with his WeChat open.

“My grandma is a philanthropist. A 50-million-yuan painting is nothing to her, and she’s more than willing to renounce everything she has right now in exchange for a better life for those children.”

“Waaa—” Without waiting for Madam Lu to respond, President Ma cried even louder and said, “I knew it! There’s no way Madam Lu would only donate a painting to us. After all, she’s the wealthiest person in Yu City! Today is her birthday, so I’m sure she will donate a lot of money to collect blessings for her family!”

Madam Lu felt her heart skip a beat when she heard what President Ma had said. She finally knew why her right eyelid had been twitching all day.

If it were a normal day, she would certainly have refused to give him any money. However, President Ma was well-prepared. Not only had he developed the photos of those poor children, but he’d also praised her in front of everyone. If she refused to give him the money right now, people might start to look down on her family as a result.

After she weighed the pros and cons in her brain, she made a decision and said, “Well then, on behalf of the Lu Family, I’ll donate fi…”

“Fifty million yuan?!” President Ma exclaimed. “Thank you! A great, kind, and generous person like you must surely be blessed.”

‘Well, that’s a good move,’ Fu Zhi thought as she shot a glance at President Ma.

Encouraged by Fu Zhi’s gaze, President Ma raised his arm in the air and shouted excitedly, “Let’s give Madam Lu a round of applause for her generosity!”

Then, a pitter-patter of applause began to ring out.

All the reporters attending the banquet filmed the scene as they complimented her. “Indeed, the Lu Family has pledged its heart and soul to charitable activities in the past few years, and I heard that Madam Lu is a devout Buddhist as well.”

“That is the wealthiest person in Yu City for you. Madam Lu’s mind and horizons are truly different from other people’s!”

“Madam Lu is truly a benevolent person with an immense heart. I want to have an exclusive interview with her and make her great deeds known to the rest of the world!”

“Good things come in threes. Don’t they still have two more paintings from famous painters? Why don’t they donate them as well? Considering Madam Lu’s generous heart, I’m sure she will agree with me!”

As she faced the crowd’s fervent gazes, Madam Lu, who had lost not only money but also her painting, did not know what to say.

Things had gone out of control, and there was only one thing on her mind. She wondered if she would be able to survive until the day she gave the interview.

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