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Chapter 223: Do You Want To Learn More About The Valley Orchid? – 2

Chu Hao had previously attempted to purchase this kind of high-priced herb. However, due to several reasons, he had failed to develop an ointment suitable to treat burn wounds.

Whenever Fu Zhi replied, the first thought that popped into his head was: “This guy must be a con man that knows his stuff!”

However, what if everything he’d said was the truth and there was indeed Valley Orchid in the ointment?

It was not that he could not afford 400,000 yuan, but he felt he had the obligation to expose such a fraudulent act.

That was what he’d thought before his conversation with Fu Zhi. After he talked to her, he was reminded of his disciple’s worsening condition and he wondered if he should give it a try or not.

With that thought in mind, Chu Hao then asked, [I’m going to use the ointment on a severely-burned patient. Can you give me a discount or something? Besides, if it’s ineffective, I’ll report you to the police!]

‘??? Is he threatening me?’ Fu Zhi thought. Then, she replied, [Please open your eyes and look closely. We’re merchants on Taobao. We’re not a charity organization or anything~]

‘Great, that’s the attitude I want!’

After all, he would think she was bluffing if she really gave him a discount.

After he placed his order, Fu Zhi’s attitude suddenly changed and she replied, [Thank you for your support. However, since there is a processing fee on Taobao, you can add me on WeChat. If you want to buy our ointment again in the future, you can let me know through WeChat~]

Chu Hao was stumped. He felt a chill down his spine, and he nearly threw his phone away.

That said, he still added Fu Zhi on WeChat. He opened up her WeChat Moments and realized there was nothing there other than a few unknown piano songs that she’d posted two years ago.

He kept scrolling through her WeChat Moments for two hours straight, and the more he looked, the more he felt that she was not a professional doctor.

In the end, he decided to run some tests on the ointment after he received it. If he found out that she was bluffing, he was going to report her to the police and bring the hammer of justice down on her!

Madam Lu summoned both Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei to the Lu Household and scolded them for the mess in the greenhouse.

After Xu Wei returned home, she went to look for Fu Zhi in her room. Fu Zhi was reading a book about herbs, and there were a few stacks of completed homework neatly arranged on her table.

She felt bad for her daughter. Her daughter was the most obedient girl in the world, and Xu Wei did not understand why Madam Lu had to treat her so badly.

Noticing her mother, Fu Zhi turned around and asked, “Do you have anything for me?”

Xu Wei decided to tell Fu Zhi everything. After doing that, she said, “Your grandmother’s birthday is around the corner. Your father and I want her to introduce you to everyone at her birthday party.”

Then, she took a painting from behind her back and added, “During the celebration, you’ll give this painting to her and tell her that you’re the one who bought it. As for the orchid, your father will buy a new one for her. That should be enough to make her forgive you.”

Fu Zhi knew Madam Lu loved to keep orchids to show off her status, but she did not understand. If no one had touched the worm in the Valley Orchid, how was there any possibility the worm could have moved to another plant?

The painting in Xu Wei’s hand was a masterpiece of a certain master in their country, so one painting had cost them about 4 million yuan.

It was expensive, and Fu Zhi did not think Madam Lu deserved the painting. Therefore, she said, “Keep the painting for yourself. I’ll get another present for her.”

Xu Wei knew her daughter did not have much money, so she asked carefully, “What are you going to give her?”

“I’m going to give her a calligraphy scroll,” Fu Zhi replied simply. “Written by me.”

Xu Wei fell silent, as she did not know what to say.

The preliminary round of the Physics competition was around the corner. Ordered by Director Liu, Ma Mingquan compiled five sets of question papers and handed them to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi was the team leader, but Ma Mingquan did not sense any apprehension or nervousness in her. After she took the question papers from him, she pulled a tiny vial out of her pocket and gave it to him. “I didn’t bring the medicine with me yesterday, so I’m giving it to you now. Tell your father to consume it daily, and it will speed up his recovery process.”

Ma Mingquan was stumped.

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