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Chapter 222: Do You Want To Learn More About The Valley Orchid? – 1

Fu Zhi and Lin Hui had been explaining to Ma Mingquzn for more than half an hour, and it was only when Xu Wei called Fu Zhi that she was able to leave the rest to Lin Hui and go home.

After she finished dinner, Fu Zhi went back to her room and began studying the book about autism.

She knew that there were two ways to help a person with autism: psychological treatment and medication with incense.

Unfortunately, the laboratory did not have the herb necessary to make the mind-tranquilizing pill in the ancient medical book.

As she was thinking about where she could get the herb, someone knocked on her door. Then, Lu Yumo’s head, which was wrapped in a blanket, emerged from the gap of the door as he whispered, “Zhizhi…”

Fu Zhi was stunned for a while, but she soon regained her composure. She turned her body sideways and said, “What do you have for me?”

Lu Yumo tiptoed into her room, looking like a burglar who had just committed theft, and said, “Look at this…”

He opened up the shop he had set up in Taobao and added, “Someone wants to buy our ointment, but he said it’s too expensive…”

One small bottle of the ointment cost 400,000 yuan. It was extremely expensive considering its size, not to mention that it was a brandless product and his shop had just opened a few days ago. Although he had used Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei’s account to give his shop a 5-star rating, no one had bought anything from his shop yet.

He reckoned that the buyer, whoever it was, had to be in a desperate situation. Otherwise, no one would visit a shop that was obviously dishonest and ask about a product.

In a certain part of the capital…

Chu Hao, who had been born into a traditional Chinese medicine family, was the 180th patriarch of the Chu Family. He led a smooth life, and he had never come across any huge challenges throughout his entire life. However, as people said, one had no idea when life would throw one a curveball.

A year ago, while his disciple, Lin Qingrang, had been concocting a pill, the cauldron had exploded, causing extensive burns on his body. Chu Hao had tried countless types of treatments, yet the effect had been minimal. Not only that, but Lin Qingrang’s voice had been permanently damaged due to the excessive intake of medicine.

Before the unfortunate incident, Lin Qingrang had been a handsome young man praised by the people around him for his impeccable appearance. However, he had now become a hideous monster in those people’s eyes. Not wanting his disciple to lose hope, Chu Hao spared no effort to help him. He had sought many professional doctors in hopes that they could help his disciple, but his efforts had yielded no effect.

The disciple-accepting ceremony of the Chu Family was going to happen in a month, but he had still found no solution to help his disciple. One day, a friend of his suggested he try his luck on Taobao, as Taobao basically had everything they needed, including medicine and folk formulas.

Not wanting to give up just yet, he had gone to Taobao and begun to search for a folk formula. Then, the shop [Definitely Not A Dishonest Shop] had rammed into his eyes.

He’d clicked into the shop and realized the shop was only selling one type of product. He clicked into the product and began reading the description. There was no mention of the ingredients, and the description only said that it was an ancestral prescription, so it was very effective.

The Chu Family had been in the medical field for more than 100 years, so Chu Hao was certain that some folk prescriptions passed down from ancestors were real.

He kept scrolling, and when he saw the 400,000-yuan price, he was stunned. It was only now that he realized why there were only two customers buying from this shop.

‘If this isn’t a dishonest shop, then what is?!’

At the same time, Fu Zhi took the phone from her brother and read the text message. The intention of the buyer was clear. He did not want to buy the ointment at all. He was just warning them to close their shop, or they would face the consequences of their actions.

Fu Zhi frowned and replied, [Take it or leave it. If you don’t have money, just leave.]

Chu Hao was filled with exaltation. However, when he saw Fu Zhi’s reply, he flew into a rage and responded, [Who says I don’t have money, huh? Is your ointment made of gold, or is it made of herbs of superior quality? How can you sell it for so much money? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for deceiving consumers?]

‘Herbs of superior quality?’

She replied, [Hah! Have you heard of the Valley Orchid before?]

Chu Hao was stunned.

It went without saying that he knew what the Valley Orchid was. It was an herb that was extremely effective against burns!

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