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Chapter 224: Face-Slapping Session During The Celebration – 1

Ma Mingquan could find no words to describe Fu Zhi anymore.

There was no way she could fake Lin Hui’s identity. He could not see through this student of his, and there was so much mystery about her that he felt she was a little scary.

That said, his father’s condition had indeed improved.

Therefore, after he got the medicine from Fu Zhi, he immediately took it to the hospital for his father during lunch break.

Qian Wenrui was giving Lu Chuwan and Xu Tongtong an extra lesson. She had been watching Ma Mingquan the entire time, and when she saw him storm out of the office, she stammered, “Has he gone out of his mind? How can he trust the word of a student? Could his father be dying? Is that why he doesn’t care anymore?”

Xu Tongtong chimed in, “Tian Nuo sent me a video through WeChat. In the video, Fu Zhi looks like a maniac and claims that her medical skills are better than Sun Sanzhen’s.”

Lu Chuwan froze.

Several days later, Madam Lu’s condition had improved a lot thanks to Lu Chuwan’s medicine, and she began preparing the stuff for her birthday celebration.

One day before the celebration, Fu Zhi made a trip to the stationery shop and bought a calligraphy brush, some papers, and an inkstone. After she finished preparing her present for Madam Lu, she contacted a local charity organization.

In the Lu Household…

The Lu Family was one of the most prestigious families in Yu City, and Madam Lu had invited many wealthy women to her birthday party.

There were two purposes for inviting them to the party. One of them was to show off her orchids, while the second one was to introduce Fu Zhi to everyone after Lu Jingqing promised her that he would take care of her eldest grandson.

There was a group of security personnel outside the residence to keep everything under control. A few reporters from the local media had been invited as well, and all of them were taking photos of the stream of luxurious cars going in and out of the Lu Household.

Lu Chuwan was wearing a white qipao tonight, and a phoenix tail embellished with sapphire gems spread all the way from the collar to the hem of the qipao. She was currently walking down the stairs next to Bai Yao. In just a moment, all the reporters were attracted to her.

“She’s the granddaughter adopted by Madam Lu? She looks so gorgeous that she doesn’t seem like she came from the countryside at all!”

“No, you have the wrong person. This is Madam Lu’s own granddaughter, the only heiress of the Lu Family!” A reporter chimed in, “I heard from my nephew that not only does Miss Lu has an outstanding academic performance, but she’s also the goddess of many students at school. She’s far better than the adopted daughter…”

“Yeap. Even though Yu City has been developing fast in the past few years, the countryside lags behind. I heard that the adopted daughter was adopted by a poor family before she joined the Lu Family. There’s no way she can be as smart and talented as Miss Lu, who has received higher education from a young age!”

All the reporters began to talk about Lu Chuwan and Fu Zhi. Even though they all felt that Fu Zhi had been lucky to be adopted by Lu Jingqing, if she lacked the ability to convince the public, she would only end up becoming everyone’s laughing stock.

Lu Chuwan heard their discussion but paid them no mind. She turned her head and asked her mother, “Are you sure that Fu Zhi’s present is Master He’s calligraphy?”

“That’s what your dad told me. Your second uncle bought the calligraphy at an auction, so I’m sure it’s true,” Bai Yao replied. She pointed at the group of wealthy women not far away before adding, “Don’t worry too much. Your present is Master Liu’s drawing, and I’m sure your grandma will favor it. Besides, your father has invited Master Liu’s disciple to the party. All you have to do is seize the opportunity, and everyone will only praise you. No one will care about Fu Zhi and her petty gift at all!”

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