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Chapter 213: Fulfilling Your Promise – 1

According to the records logged in the traditional medical book, gu poison mainly manifested in four different forms: poisonous insect form, animal form, plant form, and object form.

The gu poison in Chen Ming was in plant form. It had entered his body and disrupted the flow of the Qi and blood from his heart, causing his cardiopulmonary function to fail.

After Fu Zhi kicked everyone out of the room, she pulled Chen Ming up by clutching at his collar and flipped him over.

At least three treatments were required to expel gu poison from his body. Each treatment would take half an hour, and it was an extremely exhausting process. It required a high degree of concentration from the acupuncturist, and one small mistake could spell disaster for the patient.

Fu Zhi started from three acupoints, such as Dingmen point, Fengchi point, and Yuzhen point, before moving to Dazhui point, Shendao point, Lingtai point, Tianzong point, and Chengfeng point on Chen Ming’s back.

Several doctors were watching Fu Zhi from the window. Even though they had been ordered by Jiang Jinshu to keep an eye on her, all they could see was afterimages, and their hearts raced at Fu Zhi’s boldness as she was applying the silver needles.

“That’s so close to the lethal point! One more inch and she would kill him!”

“She isn’t some kind of goddess! She’s a godd*mn grim reaper!”

Initially, Jiang Jinshu was not convinced that Fu Zhi could actually save Chen Ming. Therefore, after Fu Zhi kicked him out of the room, he remained outside the room. However, after seeing that Chen Ming did not exhibit any discomfort during the treatment, he felt that his trepidation was totally uncalled for.

It did not matter if she could cure him or not. As long as she did not kill him, he could still be saved.

With that thought in mind, Jiang Jinshu let out a sigh of relief.

After Fu Zhi finished the first treatment, she pulled a handkerchief out and wiped her sweat. She rested for about 10 minutes before moving to the 18 acupoints on the front side of Chen Ming’s body.

“Everything else aside, it requires more than 10 years of experience to achieve her current level of skill.”

“There are a few traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in the hospital, but compared to them, Ms. Fu Zhi’s skills are like a performance art!”

“The demonstration of her acupuncture technique is of great value to academic research.”

While the doctors and nurses were discussing Fu Zhi’s techniques, Chen Ming’s body was filled with silver needles, and the sight was terrifying. However, Chen Ming did not show even the slightest discomfort, and his vital parameters were returning to normal.

This meant that Fu Zhi had made no mistake during all three treatments, and most importantly, she had proven to be capable of saving Chen Ming!

Everyone who had held Fu Zhi in contempt was embarrassed. They had accused Fu Zhi of being a conceited fool, but it now occurred to them that they were the real fools instead.

After the silver needles stopped quivering, Fu Zhi began to pull them out one after another. She was bathed in sweat after two hours of treatment. She turned around and told the group of people that had entered the room, “He will be fine for now. Go prepare the ginseng powder from the Thousand Golden Essential Prescriptions for him. Feed it to him three times a day along with wheat soup, and he will recover in about half a month.”

While she was talking, Chen Ming’s finger twitched and a soft moan escaped his lips.

It was a soft noise, yet everyone heard it clearly and they were all stunned.

Even though they were certain that Fu Zhi could save Chen Ming after witnessing her skills, they still felt as if they were dreaming when they heard that Chen Ming had finally recovered.

“The patient’s heartbeat has returned normal!” a doctor shouted. Jiang Jinshu turned his head around and looked at the monitor, his face filled with disbelief and excitement.

Just as he was about to call for Dr. Lin, Fu Zhi appeared and said, “Mr. Jiang, I think it’s time for you to keep your promise.”

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