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Chapter 214: Fulfilling Your Promise – 2

Upon hearing those words, everyone turned around and zeroed in on Jiang Jinshu. Gone was his contemptuous attitude. Right now, his face was stiff with dismay, and everyone felt awkward.

He could sense the gazes of the crowd boring into him, and he did not like it. He pressed his lips firmly, turned his head away, and said, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Well, he could figure something out if Fu Zhi wanted money, but if she wanted something else, then…

A glimmer of darkness flashed across Jiang Jinshu’s eyes, and he heard Fu Zhi say, “I heard from Xiao Li that you got good grades at school, so from this day onward, you have to help me do my homework. This is what I want you to do for me.”

Jiang Jinshu was stunned. He moved his eyes down and stared at Fu Zhi’s name tag—Senior Class 21, Fu Zhi.

‘You’re in your senior year, yet you have the audacity to ask me to help you with your homework? Have you no shame?’

Jiang Jinshu was both speechless and dumbfounded. When he had still been a student, he had not liked to do his homework either. Therefore, he felt extremely annoyed.

However, no matter how reluctant or annoyed he was, a deal was a deal. Setting his jaw tight, he answered, “Alright then.”

Fu Zhi’s eyes glowed when she got a positive answer from Jiang Jinshu. She hastily took her stack of unfinished homework out of her bag and handed it to Jiang Jinshu. Jiang Jinshu glanced through the pile, and his frown became deeper the more he looked at it. In the end, he could not help but ask, “Is this your handwriting?”

Jiang Jinshu did not know how to explain how he felt right now. He thought Fu Zhi would be a slow student considering the fact that she had requested his help with her homework. However, he had seen the handwriting on Fu Zhi’s homework several years ago in the calligraphy association. Each and every stroke was very similar to the handwriting of Old Master Fu Jiang, and one needed more than a few years of experience to have this kind of handwriting.

However, that was not the thing that surprised Jiang Jinshu the most. In her Chinese language workbook, she had used the Hairpin flower small regular script, and anyone who was familiar with the script would know its value.

Jiang Jinshu then said openly, “This is too much for me, and let me be honest with you, I don’t know how to imitate your handwriting. Besides, your teacher might find out if your answers are too perfect.”

The way Jiang Jinshu looked at her was similar to how a Grade-A student looked down upon a slow student. His gaze was heavily laced with contempt and scorn.

It might have hurt the pride or feelings of some students, but Fu Zhi was not the same. She waved her hand indifferently and said, “That’s one of the reasons I asked you to help me with my homework. If my answers aren’t perfect, then it will harm my image as a genius. As for the handwriting, you just try your best. I can tell my teacher that it’s left-handed handwriting.”

Jiang Jinshu did not know what to say. ‘Perfect answers? Left-handed handwriting?’ Jiang Jinshu had no idea why but he felt insulted.

However, there was nothing he could do now. He gathered all the workbooks and said, “Come and get your homework in three hours!”

Since Chen Ming’s condition had been stabilized, Jiang Jinshu left the room and went to the lobby, as he did not want to disgrace himself anymore. As he was doing the homework, his phone rang.

He answered it, and Gu Yanqi’s voice wafted over from the other side of the line. “She treated gu poison in two hours? If my memory still serves me, it took about four hours for Z God to cure this kind of disease in Continent F four years ago. She…”

“Stop it right there.” Jiang Jinshu interjected in a stern voice. “Don’t compare my idol to her. Nobody can stand on the same level as my idol!”

‘Alright then,’ Gu Yanqi thought inwardly before saying, “You’re such a loyal bootlicker!”

“Mind your own business. If you don’t have anything important to tell me, then get lost!” Jiang Jinshu shouted back before he killed the call.

He swore to God that he would use his actions to prove to Gu Yanqi that it was never wrong to idolize Z God!

Inside the room, Chen Ming was coming to. Liu Mi summoned Chen Jun, who was guarding the room outside with his team, into the room.

Chen Jun rushed into the room and nearly broke into tears when he saw that Chen Ming had finally opened his eyes. Nevertheless, he held his tears back, turned to Fu Zhi, and said in a serious voice, “Ms. Fu, if it were not for your extraordinary medical skills, my brother would have been a goner now. There are no words that can express my gratitude for what you have done for my brother. Therefore, if you need any assistance in the future, just let me know. My family and I will do everything in our power to help you!”

“That will not be necessary,” Fu Zhi said. She was not accustomed to something like this, so she said, “If you’re serious about thanking me, just pay me.”

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