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Chapter 212: Let’s Treat Him Together – 2

After roughly 8 to 9 minutes, Fu Zhi finished and nodded at Li Nanli.

Then, it was Lin Hui’s turn to take his pulse. It took him roughly 10 minutes. As he finished, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Let’s listen to what Miss Fu Zhi has to say about the patient.”

Fu Zhi knew what he was planning but did not care. She said, “The pulse of the patient is taut and unstable. The reason for his cyanosed complexion is the signs of blockage in the flow of Qi and blood. The main issue is in his liver, and due to the accumulation of gu poison in his body, the flow of his Qi and blood is blocked. That’s why he can’t wake up right now.”

Li Nanli frowned and asked, “So you’re saying that someone fed Chen Ming gu poison?”

“The Commentary of Zuo on Spring and Autumn Annals” contained a record of the origins of gu poison, while “The Six Records of Tongzhi” documented the method used to create gu poison. However, very few people understood this aspect of knowledge nowadays.

Fu Zhi nodded before asking, “While you guys were bringing him back, did you notice any symptoms such as sweating, a sudden rise of body temperature, convulsion, or foaming at the mouth?”

Jiang Jinshu was stunned. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“This has nothing to do with gu poison!” Lin Hui could not help interjecting. He did not want to hear any bullsh*t from Fu Zhi anymore. “His cheeks are flushed, there is slimy and greasy fur on his tongue, and his pulse is weak. It’s very obvious that his current condition has been caused by the heat accumulating in his body, as well as the weakness of his liver and spleen! It’s not because of something ridiculous like gu poison! Young Master Jiang, Young Master Li, you guys must not listen to her!”

Jiang Jinshu chose to believe Lin Hui, and so did the doctors. One of them then said, “We better listen to Dr. Lin. I’m sure he can save Mr. Chen!”

“In case you still don’t believe me, President Li, I can show you the proof I got from the forum!”

‘Why can’t he just give up?’

Fu Zhi had finally run out of patience. “I am familiar with your prescription. It’s the Heart-Draining Decoction and sedative pill of the Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Cabinet. He needs to take the medication three times a day, am I right? Your prescription can only purge the heat within his body and trigger diuresis. It’s nothing but a temporary cure, so what’s the use?”

Lin Hui had not expected that Fu Zhi would know anything about his prescription. He was stunned for a while, but he soon snapped back to reality. He stamped his feet and shouted, “I already told you it’s not gu poison! Why don’t you just listen to me? Besides, not even I can confidently say that I can cure gu poison, so who do you think you are to say that you can save him?”

As she faced Lin Hui’s accusation, Fu Zhi just waved her hand indifferently and said, “You can’t save him because you haven’t fully mastered your skills yet. Go back and study more. Don’t come to show off your half-baked skills. You’ll only embarrass Xiao Sun.”

‘She… Did she just call my master Xiao Sun? How dare she!’

“Suit yourself then! I’m leaving!” Lin Hui yelled, as he did not want to argue with Fu Zhi anymore. He picked up his medicine chest from the floor and stormed out of the room. However, he could not bring himself to turn a blind eye to a patient that needed his help. Therefore, he went into the room next door instead.

“She will surely regret opposing me and come to ask for my help later!” he said.

The two doctors followed suit after Lin Hui left the room. After all, they did not want to bear any responsibility if Fu Zhi failed to save the patient either.

There were only three people in the room—Li Nanli, Fu Zhi, and Jiang Jinshu. Jiang Jinshu knew the odds were against him, as it was two against one. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he found no words to utter.

Fu Zhi took her silver needles out of her bag. She glanced at Jiang Jinshu and said, “I don’t like people looking at me when I’m treating my patient.”

Jiang Jinshu then replied grimly, “I take it that you are fully aware of the consequences if you can’t save him, Ms. Fu, right?”

“Since you don’t trust me, how about we make a deal?” Fu Zhi stopped Li Nanli from stepping forward and said, “An eye for an eye. If I fail to save him, I’ll kill myself. However, if I cure him, you have to do me a favor.”

“Sure. If you cure him, I’ll do you ten favors!” Jiang Jinshu replied confidently.

Fu Zhi then said, “It’s decided then. Ten favors. Remember your promise.”

Jiang Jinshu was stunned, as he had not expected that Fu Zhi would say yes.

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