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Chapter 211: Let’s Treat Him Together – 1

Everyone who practiced traditional Chinese medicine was familiar with Sun Sanzhen.

Lin Hui was not conceited. However, the fact that Fu Zhi had never heard of him before proved that she was not a professional but a quack doctor, and what he hated the most in his life were charlatans who tarnished the reputation of Chinese medicine!

Fu Zhi looked at Lin Hui and replied, her voice calm and steady as she emphasized every word that came out of her lips, “I don’t have a master, a certificate, or a qualification.”

A “just-as-I-expected” expression dawned upon Lin Hui’s face when he heard Fu Zhi’s reply. Just as he was about to kick her out of the room, he heard her add, “However, those things are useless. I don’t need them to prove that I can cure such a minor illness.”

Then, she paused for a moment before saying, “Also, I suggest you show me some respect.”

‘How can you be so impolite to someone who’s more experienced than you? Do you know that I’m your master’s master?’

“Show some respect? To you? Who the hell do you think you are?” Lin Hui did not know whether he should laugh or get angry at her.

The people surrounding them frowned in annoyance when they heard what Fu Zhi had said as well. One of them stepped forward and said, “Miss, this is a hospital. Our patient is in critical condition, so stop disturbing Dr. Lin!”

Jiang Jinshu did not want to rub Lin Hui the wrong way. He thus went ahead and said, “Dr. Lin, she is still young, so I hope you’ll pardon her for her way of speaking.”

After saying that, he turned around to face Fu Zhi and said, “Time is of the essence, so stop your nonsense!”

Before Fu Zhi could say anything, Li Nanli chimed in. He stared coldly at Jiang Jinshu with his pair of beautiful eyes and said in an emotionless voice, sending chills down the spines of everyone in the room. “Jiang Jinshu, stop testing my patience.”

For a moment, no one said anything, as nobody wanted to incur Li Nanli’s wrath.

He led Fu Zhi to the side of the bed.

Lin Hui shook his head profusely and said, “Madness! This is madness! Young Master Li, right in front of you is a living human. How can you be cold-blooded? Fu Zhi is a liar. She doesn’t know anything about medicine and doesn’t even have the qualifications to argue with me!”

“That’s right, Young Master Li. Dr. Lin is Master Sun’s disciple, so his skills and professionalism as a doctor are unquestionable!”

“I suggest we leave the patient in the hands of Dr. Lin if we’re going to use traditional Chinese medicine on him. Fu Zhi is just a kid, and she might not even know how to take someone’s pulse!”

The remaining people chimed in, as they were worried that Dr. Lin would give up on the patient.

Jiang Jinshu’s expression was grim as he was staring defiantly at Li Nanli. “Young Master Li!”

While sitting next to the patient, Fu Zhi scanned the people in the room who looked at her with a distrustful frown etched on their faces before finally turning to Lin Hui. She rubbed the spot between her brows and asked, “So what do you want?”

“It’s my responsibility as a doctor to save a patient from being tortured by an illness. If you really are as skilled as you claim to be, I suggest that we treat Mr. Chen at the same time. I want to show President Li who’s the real deal between the two of us!” Lin Hui replied confidently. “And if President Li still chooses to trust you in the end, I’ll leave right away!”

“Alright then,” Fu Zhi answered.

The room fell silent.

Fu Zhi stood up from the chair and began taking Chen Ming’s pulse.

As the saying went, a connoisseur could tell the difference. The way Fu Zhi took Chen Ming’s pulse shocked everyone to their core. Right now, she seemed just like a professional doctor.

However, they soon snapped out of their trance and shook their heads. They could not believe that they’d actually mistaken a little girl for a professional doctor!

Perhaps all she knew was how to take someone’s pulse. Teenagers nowadays often had an exaggerated opinion of their own ability. They were confident that she was merely pretending right now.

A disgusted expression formed on their faces when they thought about this. Looking at Fu Zhi, Lin Hui scoffed contemptuously.

‘Hmph! Even if she really has some skills, she won’t get any further with her hoity-toity attitude!’

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