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Chapter 210: Sun Sanzhen’s Disciple – 4

Lin Hui nodded and replied, “That’s not necessary, Young Master Jiang. It’s our responsibility as doctors to save patients’ lives. My master has told me everything, so rest assured. I’ll do everything in my power to save Mr. Chen.”

Jiang Jinshu nodded in return. He took a glance at Fu Zhi, but he chose not to say anything in the end.

Lin Hui studied the patient on the bed from head to toe. The patient was unconscious. He had a cyanosed countenance, and his cheeks were deeply sunken, giving off the vibe of a skeleton.

With only one glance, Lin Hui knew how critical the patient’s condition was. He brought his brows together in a tight frown and asked, “Young Master Jiang, how long has Mr. Chen been like this?”

Jiang Jinshu replied, “I’m not sure either. I retrieved him from the outer province three days ago, and by the time we found him, he had already lost consciousness. We brought him to the hospital, but no doctor could tell what had happened to him.”

“No one could tell what had happened to him?” Lin Hui muttered. Even though he had full confidence in his own skills as a doctor, he dared not say anything recklessly, as treating a patient called for great patience.

However, no one in the room knew what was on his mind, and they were all looking at him with expectant eyes. “See, I already said Dr. Lin would surely know how to save him!”

Lin Hui did not know what to say. Just as he took a breath and was about to start treating Chen Ming, Li Nanli frowned and chimed in, “I already said only Fu Zhi could save this man.”

“Young Master Li!” Jiang Jinshu shouted, pressing his mouth in a tight, grim line. He walked up to Li Nanli and said, “Dr. Lin is a professional doctor, so I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with us leaving Chen Ming in his hands!”

Lin Hui then interjected. “It’s not that I don’t know how to treat Mr. Chen. However, if Young Master Li thinks that Fu Zhi is more professional than me, then I guess I should leave now.”

All professional doctors were prideful, and most of them were quirky. Besides, it was considered taboo for two different doctors to treat one patient.

Lin Hui had a blunt personality and knew a lot of influential officials in the capital, so he was not afraid of going up against Li Nanli at all. This time, if it were not for Master Sun, he would not have declined his other appointments and come here. What doctors needed the most was the trust of the patients and their families. However, it seemed to him that Li Nanli did not trust him, so he saw no reason for him to stay there.

Thus, he turned around and attempted to leave. After all, only this way would Li Nanli realize what he had missed when Fu Zhi failed to save the patient.

Upon seeing that he was leaving, Jiang Jinshu hastily went up to him and explained, “Dr. Lin, that’s not what Young Master Li meant. Chen Ming needs you. If you leave now and something happens to him, what am I supposed to tell his wife?”

“But it seems to me that Young Master Li doesn’t want me to help Mr. Chen. Since he would rather trust a doctor whose name is unknown in the medical field, I see no reason for me to continue staying here,” Lin Hui replied. He stared defiantly at Li Nanli and flung his sleeve in frustration.

Fu Zhi chimed in, “So you’re popular?”

Her voice was calm and emotionless, but it sounded as if she was mocking Lin Hui. He turned to look at the girl, who was standing next to Li Nanli. He figured she must be Fu Zhi and he said in a sneering tone, “Little girl, my master is Master Sun. In case you have no idea who he is, his name is Sun Sanzhen, and he’s the number one traditional Chinese medicine practitioner in the medical field. He has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for more than a decade, and he has plenty of students working under him. If you don’t mind me asking, little girl, who’s your master? How old are you, and have you gotten a professional certificate yet?”

In this world, one of the main reasons so many people loathed traditional Chinese medicine was due to the mentality of some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Most of them could not settle down to master the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. They were like jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none, yet they pretended to be professionals. Then, when something bad happened, they just vanished.

That was why so many people nowadays chose to believe in modern medicine more than in traditional Chinese medicine.

However, Lin Hui was different. He was best known for his true skills and vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. He was Sun Shanzhen’s disciple, while there was a rumor going around in the medical field that his master was the student of the mysterious leader who had come up with the anti-cancer drug with the national research team.

This was something worth bragging about!

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