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Chapter 209: Sun Sanzhen’s Disciple – 3

Jiang Jinshu studied Fu Zhi from head to toe.

Ever since Li Nanli had pretended to be sick and come all the way from the capital to Yu City to look for Fu Zhi, he had been wanting to meet her in person. He knew she had a humble background, but he had not expected her to be so good-looking. She looked just like a goddess who had descended from heaven. With only one glance, she could take one’s breath away.

Jiang Jinshu continued to stare at her. The school uniform made her look less mature, and he pouted.

‘She’s just a kid. How is there any chance she knows how to treat him? I don’t understand why he has so much faith in her.’

He pinched the spot between his eyebrows, but even though he found the whole thing rather ridiculous, he did not dare question Li Nanli openly. However, this did not stop him from staring begrudgingly at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi paid him no mind and added in a soft voice, “So you have to pay me more money.”

Li Nanli was already accustomed to her style, but the same was not true for Jiang Jinshu. He did not know how to comment at all. If Fu Zhi had said that she could not save the patient, he would have believed her and just laughed at her at most.

However, she had said that she could save him, but only if Li Nanli paid her more.

‘Could she really be able to save him?’

With that thought in mind, Jiang Jinshu studied Fu Zhi once again. However, no matter how he looked at her, he still felt skeptical about her claim. After all, she was too young and she did not look like a doctor to him at all.

As if he could read his mind, Li Nanli said, “Fu Zhi is very knowledgeable in traditional Chinese medicine.”

Truth be told, Jiang Jinshu had more faith in traditional Chinese medicine, which had been passed down by their ancestors, than in modern medicine. For example, Z God, a very influential figure in other countries, and the Chu Family, the most famous medical family in their country, had created a myriad formula and saved countless lives.

Chen Ming was an important asset to Jiang Jinshu, so he was not willing to hand his life to an unknown little girl. He wanted to wait for Lin Hui.

Jiang Jinshu then looked at the two doctors in the room and asked, “How much longer can he wait? Have you worked out a contingency plan yet?”

“His condition is severe, and he only has one hour at most.”

“Young Master Jiang, it’s not that we don’t want to save him. We just don’t have any confidence at all.”

“Mr. Chen’s condition is weird. Our skills are limited, and we really don’t know what we should do!”

The more Jiang Jinshu listened to the doctors, the darker his expression became.

Just before he could say anything, Liu Mi opened the door and said, “Young Master Jiang, President Li, Dr. Lin is here!”

The eyes of the doctors in the room shone. Both of them turned their heads and looked at the white-coated man that emerged through the door. Their faces brimmed with excitement and admiration as if the man was their savior.

Fu Zhi followed suit and squinted her eyes. She did not know the middle-aged man standing in front of her at all. However, this did not prevent her from jotting his name down in her notebook for undercutting her.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Dr. Lin. You look even more imposing in person!”

“They say Dr. Lin is Master Sun’s best disciple. His medical skills are remarkable, and he can even save people from death. There’s no illness he can’t cure!”

“Dr. Lin is the vice-president of the Medical Association, and I keep hearing about his great name. I’m really honored to meet him in person today. I’m certain that he can save both Mr. Chen and us from this predicament!”

Lin Hui’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine was second only to Master Sun’s.

He maintained his stern face even though everyone was praising him. Walking with large and prideful strides, he approached Chen Ming. Everyone retreated to the side and left the best spot for him so he could look at the patient.

“Thank you for coming all the way here, Dr. Lin. The patient is a very important friend of ours, and so long as you can save him, I’ll reward you handsomely!” Jiang Jinshu said sternly.

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