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Chapter 208: Sun Sanzhen’s Disciple – 2

Apparently, Li Nanli was on his way to No.1 High School.

Fu Zhi took a glance at the heap of never-ending homework on her table. As if he knew what she was thinking, Li Nanli added, “Of course, you will be paid if you come.”

Fu Zhi’s eyes glowed as she replied, “I’m now at 19°C, a bubble tea shop near No.1 High School.”

‘Well, it’s incumbent on a doctor to cure illness and save people’s lives!’

Li Nanli’s car arrived soon. He lowered the window and said, “Hop in.”

Fu Zhi noticed that he had a new car again. Instead of driving a silver Maserati, he was driving a sapphire Lamborghini today. Noticing the differences between them, Fu Zhi could not help lamenting. Rich people lived really boring and simple lives, unlike her, who still needed to work tirelessly every day to put food on the table.

After thinking about that, she went into the car.

Li Nanli cocked his head to look at her and said, “This is the report. You wanna take a look at it?”

Fu Zhi took the report and leaned against the back of the chair. She nodded but did not say anything.

Meanwhile, Lu Chuwan received a text message from Dong Cun.

She had become the captain of the team, and Dong Cun wanted her to get the seed of the Valley Orchid from the core personnel. She opened the photo that Dong Cun had sent her. It was a screenshot of a blue flower from a documentary.

Lu Chuwan was frustrated. As far as she knew, the core personnel did not have the herb, but she did not know where to get the Valley Orchid at all. As she was at her wit’s end, something suddenly popped up in her head. She opened the photo and took a close look at the blue-colored flower once more. She seemed to have seen the flower in her grandmother’s greenhouse before.

Perhaps she had no idea, so she decided to go home and check it out. She rushed out of her classroom, heading straight to her house. As soon as she reached the front gate, she saw a sapphire luxury car outside her school.

She was familiar with the car, and she knew how much it cost to buy one. It was not a car that could be bought by an ordinary family, and there were merely 10 of them in Yu City. She looked at the number plate, which consisted only of the “8” digit, and realized the car came from the capital.

Her curiosity was piqued, so she looked up. At that moment, the window was lowered and a fair, delicate face appeared.

“Fu Zhi?!” Lu Chuwan exclaimed as her pupils narrowed. She was facing the passenger seat, so she could not see the full appearance of the driver.

She tried to take two steps forward to have a closer look, but the driver did not give her the chance. The car accelerated and began to move forward, startling her. While looking at the car that was moving further and further away, she hastily pulled her phone out and took a few blurry photos of the leaving vehicle.

Fu Zhi was just sitting in the car, and they reached their destination in less than 20 minutes. It was a building near Yu City Hospital.

On the top level of the building was an operating room filled with very advanced medical equipment. At present, the operating room was guarded by a group of bodyguards and two doctors from Yu City Hospital. The two doctors were non-specialists and thus did not dare get involved in the Li Corporation’s affairs. They could only keep wiping sweat off their foreheads and say that they could not help the patient.

“What’s going on?” Li Nanli asked as he walked into the room.

“I’ve called Master Sun,” Jiang Jinshu replied. He let out a sigh when he saw that Li Nanli was back before adding with a frown, “He’s occupied with his own matters, so he said he will send Ling to help us. Liu Mi went to pick him up, and I guess they are on their way back now.”

While he was talking, he took a glance at Fu Zhi and furrowed his brows.

Fu Zhi was not looking at the man on the sickbed. Traditional Chinese medicine required four diagnostic methods: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, interrogation, and palpation. She just needed to take one glance to know what was going on with the patient. However, she did not comment immediately and just stayed silent instead.

Li Nanli then lowered his head and asked, “Can you save him?”

The man on the bed was Chen Ming. He had lost contact with the world three days ago while carrying out a mission in another province. Jiang Jinshu had led a team to pinpoint his location and rescued him. Then, they had brought him to Yu City, which had been the city closest to them at the time.

Right now, he was in a critical state.

“It’s very tricky, so…”

Before Fu Zhi could finish her sentence, Jiang Jinshu let out a disdainful scoff.

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