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Chapter 206: Lu Chuwan Is Running Out Of Medicine – 2

Tears began to fall from Lu Chuwan’s eyes when she saw her mother. “I’m the top scorer in the Physics paper and I have every right to participate in the competition, but Fu Zhi kicked me out of her team!

“Why does she have to be so mean to me? If I join the competition and make it to the final round, it’ll be like the icing on the cake and I’ll be able to get an acceptance letter directly from Tsinghua University. I seriously don’t understand why Fu Zhi has to hog the spot. It’s no use to her at all! Mom, you have to help me!”

Bai Yao’s hand suddenly stopped in midair after she heard what her daughter said.

Help her? How could she help her?

All this while, Bai Yao had thought that considering Fu Zhi’s poor academic performance, there was no way she would make it to the Physics competition, and even if she was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants, she would not make it far in the competition.

She had not expected that she would actually be very good in Physics, and she and her team would be the only team in No.1 High School to enter the preliminary round. Furthermore, when she had gone to the school today, other than the students from Class 1, who held her in contempt, all the students from the other classes had admired her as if she was their goddess.

The teachers were all the same. They held Fu Zhi in high regard, especially Director Liu. Even though he had said that he was going to reprimand Fu Zhi, he had only talked about how good Fu Zhi was and how smart she was.

All this time, she had been the one suppressing Xu Wei with her daughter. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Xu Wei would be able to turn the tide one day! And it was all because she had brought Fu Zhi into the Lu Family!

Lu Chuwan was still crying, which was getting on Bai Yao’s nerves. She shouted, “Okay, stop crying! If you had prepared better for the competition, none of this would’ve happened! How come Fu Zhi could advance to the next round, while you could not?”

It sounded to Lu Chuwan like her mother was admonishing her.

Her face turned scarlet from rage, and she clenched her knuckles so tightly that they started shaking. She shouted back, “I just slipped up on one small detail! Besides, I’m Fu Zhi’s cousin, so what’s wrong with her taking care of me? It isn’t true that I’m not good at Physics! Besides, if you think she’s really that great, then go and tell her to stop being so mean to me! I’m sure the reason she doesn’t want me in her team is that I’m better than her and she doesn’t want me to steal her thunder!”

Bai Yao did not comment, as her brain was a muddled mess. There was nothing she could say right now.

Seeing that her mother was not responding, Lu Chuwan threw a pillow on the floor and continued throwing a tantrum. “I don’t care, mom! This is my only chance, and I have to take part in that competition! Do you know what my classmates must think of me after finding out that Fu Zhi’s results are better than mine? All of them know how much effort I’ve put into this competition, and now that Fu Zhi’s team advanced to the next round, they must be laughing at me behind my back!”

Bai Yao did not say anything, and Madam Lu came downstairs when she heard the commotion.

Bai Yao then told everything to Madam Lu.

“This is not a big deal. I’ll talk to your teacher tomorrow,” Madam Lu said. Then, she turned to Lu Chuwan and said, “I’ve finished the medicine. You go get me some more. My chest has been hurting these days because of your second uncle.”

Lu Chuwan, who was stunned, stopped crying. “You’ve finished the medicine already? Didn’t I just give you a new bottle the day before yesterday? There are many pills in one bottle. You’ve finished all of them?”

“My chest hurts, so of course I had to take the medicine!” Madam Lu frowned at Lu Chuwan. “Didn’t you tell me to take as much medicine as I wanted because you have a lot? Why are you shouting at me right now?”

Well, it was because the researcher had told Lu Chuwan that he had a lot of stock and he also had the formula.

Initially, Lu Chuwan had thought that the medicine could be mass-produced since they had the formula. It was only until very recently that she had been told that one of the ingredients necessary to make the medicine cost about 20 million yuan. That was the cheapest one!

Therefore, there was no way she could supply so much medicine to her grandmother.

However, considering Madam Lu’s fence-sitting attitude, she was certain that she would turn to Fu Zhi if she could not give her the medicine.

Since she did not want that to happen, Lu Chuwan had no other choice but to take a bottle of medicine from her room. After she handed the medicine to Madam Lu, she said, “The doctor said taking too much of this medicine will have an adverse effect on your body, so the recommended dose is one pill per day.”

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