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Chapter 207: Sun Sanzhen’s Disciple – 1

Fu Zhi would give Madam Lu a bottle every two days, so she was somewhat displeased with Lu Chuwan’s demand.

However, right now, it was not her own granddaughter but Fu Zhi who had joined the Physics competition. If Lu Chuwan could not get enrolled in Tsinghua University because of this, it would harm the Lu Family’s image, so Madam Lu would never allow something like that to happen.

She went to the school, but she was told that the registration form had already been handed in. If she wanted to slot her granddaughter in, she would need to go look for the director-general at the Education Bureau.

Yu City, in the meeting room of the Education Bureau…

“So you want me to switch Lu Chuwan in and then make her the captain?” Director-General Shen asked, the wisp of steam coming from his tea rendering his expression unreadable.

The Lu Family did not have any connections in the Education Bureau other than Lu Chuwan’s uncle. That said, even he could not be sure if it was going to work or not.

Madam Lu seemed nervous. She shared a glance with Dong Cun, and when he nodded, she took Lu Chuwan’s report card out and said, “All of us know that this competition’s goal is to bring honor to our province, and if that’s our goal, don’t you think we should pick our best students to take part in the competition?”

Shen Hui took a glance at the report card and lapsed into silence. After a short while, he tapped the table and said, “Fu Zhi’s results are remarkable, and all of us believe that she can lead her team to the final round. I’ve heard your demand, but does Fu Zhi know about it?”

Madam Lu froze.

It went without saying that Fu Zhi knew nothing about what she was doing right now, and if she found out about it, she was certain that Fu Zhi would not let it slide so easily.

As if he could read Madam Lu’s thoughts, Shen Hui grasped the entire situation. He took another sip of his tea and said noncommittally, “Well, we don’t wish to affect Fu Zhi’s performance, as it would be a loss for the province if she couldn’t perform well in the competition.”

“Let me tell you something, Mr. Shen. There is an element of luck behind Fu Zhi’s success, and without Chuwan backing her up, she might bring shame to our province!”

However, Shen Hui did not comment on this. He sat quietly on the couch, and an awkward silence ensued.

Breaking the silence, Dong Cun took the initiative to hand a phone to Shen Hui. “It’s from Director-General Ma. Do you want to take it?”

Ten minutes later, Dong Cun and Madam Lu came out of the building.

There were plenty of people outside the building, and most of the vehicles in the parking lots were luxury cars from other provinces. In addition, all the vehicles had army plates.

Dong Cun froze in his tracks.

The door of a black off-road vehicle was opened by Jiang Jinshu, and some reception staff members went up to him.

There was another man standing next to the vehicle, but since he was wearing a black face mask, Dong Cun could not see his face clearly.

He was the most beautiful man Dong Cun had ever seen. He was tall, and he had a pair of long legs. He rested one of his arms casually on the door and gave off an air of indifference. He was holding a cigarette between his fingers, and a wisp of smoke was rising up in the air.

The director-general emerged from the building and hastily went up to the man. “Young Master Li, about today’s operation…”

“Hold on.” The man interjected. He flicked some ashes off the tip of his cigarette and nodded at Madam Lu. His eyes glazed over in frustration as he asked, “What is she doing here?”

One o’clock in the afternoon was the perfect time for a short nap, but Fu Zhi was busy copying homework in a bubble tea shop. Suddenly, a grandiose ringtone was heard, and she took her phone out of her bag.

It was Li Nanli. Fu Zhi frowned.

She did not know why Li Nanli would call her at this time, but she still answered the call in the end. “Yeah?”

“One of my employees contracted a weird disease while carrying out a mission. Where are you now? Can you go with me to have a look at him?”

Li Nanli’s apathetic voice wafted over from the other side of the line.

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