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Chapter 205: Lu Chuwan Is Running Out Of Medicine – 1

The group of girls chit-chatted and walked past Xu Wei and Bai Yao, treating them as if they were invisible.

Bai Yao’s body stiffened, and she looked dumbstruck.

Fu Zhi had gotten first place?

Xu Wei felt happy when she saw the sour expression on Bai Yao’s face. Taking advantage of the fact that Bai Yao had yet to come around from her trance, she dashed to Class 21, as she could not wait to hear people praise her daughter.

Bai Yao wanted to call Lu Chuwan and ask how she could have lost to a country bumpkin.

However, Bai Yao did not know that her daughter was being scolded by Dong Cun right now.

“I thought we were going to sign the contract? I brought my lawyer with me, and now you’re telling me he isn’t coming? Are you kidding me?”

“Calm down first, Uncle Dong. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have mentioned Fu Zhi in front of him,” Lu Chuwan replied as she handed 10 bottles of medicine and a formula to Dong Cun. “But I bought everything, including the formula, from him. I’m giving them to you now, and you can do whatever you want with them.”

While Xu Wei was in the middle of the parents’ meeting, Director Liu summoned Fu Zhi to his office.

Since the monthly examination had passed, it was time for her to pick her teammates for the competition.

She took a glance and saw Lu Chuwan at the top of the list. She was only short of 7 to 8 marks to get a full score.

Fu Zhi skipped all the students from Class 1 except Zhou Zihuai and picked two students from Class 2 and Class 3 to join her in the competition.

“Well, the data shows that Lu Chuwan is the best candidate,” Director Liu said noncommittally. “After all, you guys will be representing No.1 High School. Can you set aside the feud between you and her for the moment and let her into your team?”

After Fu Zhi heard what Director Liu said, she shook her head and replied firmly, “She isn’t good enough.”

Director Liu was stumped. Just as he was about to say something, he met Fu Zhi’s black pupils and fell silent.

After he thought for a while, he decided to forgo his attempt to persuade Fu Zhi to let Lu Chuwan join her team.

‘Well, I’ve already tried my best. She can only blame herself for being unable to lead her own team to the final round!’

With that thought in mind, Director Liu informed Qian Wenrui that Lu Chuwan had not made it into Fu Zhi’s team.

Xu Wei stayed in Class 21 for two hours. In these two hours, Ma Mingquan kept showering her with all sorts of praise as if she was the best mother in the world. It was something that she had never experienced before when she had been to Lu Yumo’s parents’ meetings, and she felt extremely proud.

The feeling grew even stronger when she saw Lu Jingqing, who had an unpleasant expression on his face after being chastised by Lu Yumo’s class teacher. She nearly cried and she cooked a bowl of noodles for Fu Zhi later.

Fu Zhi buried her head in the bowl and enjoyed her noodles as Lu Yumo watched on from the other side of the table.

He wanted a bowl of noodles as well, so he turned to his mother and asked, “Why didn’t you cook for me?”

Xu Wei replied simply, “This is her reward.”

‘Reward? A reward for landing the last place in the examination? Why the hell would you reward her for getting the last place? It’s not like she’s the only one who can get the last place in an examination!’

Lu Yumo had not gone to school that day, so he was still kept in the dark. Therefore, in order to get a bowl of noodles, he decided that he would go all out in the next examination and get the last place.

At that moment, Lu Yushen returned home from his psychological counseling session. When he saw the glare in his brother’s eyes, he knew what he was thinking but chose not to speak to him anyway.

Lu Chuwan was sitting in the living hall, and her expression turned grim when Qian Wenrui told her that Fu Zhi had not picked her for her team.

Well, truth be told, she did not feel so upset about being unable to join the competition, as she had been reluctant to join Fu Zhi’s team in the first place. It was the thing Qian Wenrui told her next that made her lose her cool. “The competition for this year’s provincial excellent student will be fierce. Your performance lately has been mediocre, and the director-general favors Fu Zhi. Ma Mingquan has signed her up, and I’m afraid that you might not be able to retain your title this year.

“Therefore, you have to hurry up and find someone to help you with this. We could have just let it go normally, but this year is crucial. There’s a very high chance that Tsinghua University is going to accept you based on your results, so you better do something about it.”

After saying that, Qian Wenrui hung up the call. The more Lu Chuwan thought about what Qian Wenrui had said, the angrier she became. In the end, she was overwhelmed by her rage and she smashed her phone on the floor.

Startled by the commotion, Bai Yao rushed downstairs and asked, “What happened? Why are you smashing your phone in the middle of the night?”

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