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Chapter 195: It Still Hurts…

Holding a gaming console, Lu Yumo chimed in, “Holy sh*t! How can a flower cost so much?”

“Yumo!” Xu Wei shouted angrily. “Watch your language in front of your sister!”

Then, she drank a large gulp of flower tea to calm down.

After doing that, she turned her head around to look at Fu Zhi and was confused when she saw her daughter rise to her feet.

Fu Zhi first went to pluck a few wildflowers from the garden and then retrieved a white bottle from her room. After she ground the flowers with an iron pestle and smeared the paste on a warm towel, she put the paste-smeared, warm towel on Lu Yumo’s cheek.

Lu Yumo turned his face sideways as he tried to avoid the towel. He pouted and said, “It isn’t a big deal. You don’t have to do this at all. It’s making me look really unmanly.”

Fu Zhi looked at his cheek. Madam Lu had not held back her strength at all. His cheek was still very swollen, and the corner of his lips was bruised.

The expression on her face darkened, and her eyes turned cold. It seemed to her that she had gone too easy on Madam Lu. She should have snapped her arm with the stun baton.

That said, she had decided to make Madam Lu pay for her actions through other methods.

Fu Zhi persistently put the towel closer to the corner of Lu Yumo’s lips and said, “Let me apply this on the corner of your lips. It won’t take too long. The swelling will go down in about 30 minutes.”

‘Is it really that good?’

Lu Yumo then moved his face closer and said, his eyes like a whipped puppy’s eyes, “Please be gentle then. It still hurts a little…”

Fu Zhi was left speechless. She did not say anything, and Lu Yumo took a glance at the white bottle in her hand. The bottle did not have a logo on it and it looked rather unpromising.

That said, he felt a cold sensation seeping into his skin when Fu Zhi applied the ointment on his face. He found this sensation rather soothing.

Even though he did not know if the ointment was truly as effective as his sister claimed, he was more than willing to compromise his integrity and share this with his friends. After all, he was going to support his sister no matter what.

“I can give it to you if you want,” Fu Zhi said sternly as she sat beside Lu Yumo. “It can whiten and tone your skin. If you like it, you can recommend it to your friends. The price is four million yuan per bottle, and you can use this way to pay off your debt.”

Lu Yumo was stunned.

‘Four million yuan? Who the heck would pay that much money for a small bottle?’

Lu Yumo gave Fu Zhi a faint smile and then hopped back to his room with Fu Zhi’s ointment in his hand.

After 30 minutes, Lu Yumo took a look at himself in the mirror. Much to his surprise, not only was the swelling gone, but the skin on his cheek had become so smooth it seemed as if it had not been swollen before.

He fell into contemplative silence as he mulled over the things his sister had said earlier.

After a short while, he made a decision. He opened his laptop and registered an online shop on Taobao. He put the ointment on sale, as he wanted to see if anyone would buy it or not.

At the same time, Xu Wei was still holding the pot of flower tea in the living room. While sitting on the couch, she was awash with a surge of relief. The wildflowers were not as expensive as the documentary claimed, or she did not know how she would have reacted. After all, considering the portion of flowers she used to make tea and the portion Fu Zhi had used to smear the paste on her eldest son’s face, it would be akin to throwing a few million into the trash can.

By the time Fu Zhi received a call from the research institute, it was about 8 o’clock at night.

“According to the investigation, there is no sign of any missing anti-cancer drugs. However, the batch that we were going to dispose of is nowhere to be found.”

Anti-cancer drugs called for a very strict production process due to the complexity of the formula and raw materials. If there was even the slightest error during the production process, such as the wrong portion of raw materials used or the wrong temperature, it would render the batch of medicine unfit to be sold on the international platform.

Therefore, the batch of unusable anti-cancer drugs would be collected by a group of specialized people and get disposed of scientifically.

Fu Zhi had noticed a small crack on the pill that Madam Lu had taken.

Since there was only a slight difference in the portion of raw materials used, imperfect anti-cancer drugs were not lethal when consumed and their effects were similar to the real deal.

“I’m guessing it should be the staff member we fired last time. He must have snuck some of the medicine without us noticing when he was on his way out of the research institute. Do you need us to send a team to Yu City to take care of him?”

“That’s unnecessary. You continue your research on the second generation of anti-cancer drugs. I’ll ask Jiang Ningbei to handle him,” Fu Zhi replied as she pulled a bottle of pills and formula out of a box. “By the way, I have a batch of anti-cancer drugs with me. I’ll send them to you, and you will help me sell them. Then, after you’re done producing the new drugs, send them to me directly.”

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