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Chapter 196: Lu Jingqing Blows A Fuse

Lu Household.

By the time Lu Jingqing arrived, Dong Cun was running Madam Lu through the properties of the anti-cancer drugs. He had already confirmed that the anti-cancer drugs Lu Chuwan had given to him were the real deal.

Lu Jingqing walked straight up to them. He ignored Dong Cun and told Madam Lu right in her face, “I won’t send Zhizhi away. As for Yumo, I’ll educate him myself. If you think you’re their grandmother and you can poke your nose in my family affairs, then I think you won’t have any issue if I beat my brother’s kids when they misbehave next time, right?”

“Don’t you dare!” Madam Lu sprang up from the couch. “Don’t you even dare think about it! If you so much as lay a single finger on them, I’ll kill myself!”

“Oh, mother, I know what you’re trying to do, but nope, it isn’t going to work this time. I know you favor my brother and his family more than me and my family, but I don’t care about it. I think you know me better than anyone else. If this kind of thing ever happens again, don’t blame me for cutting ties with you!”

The next day, the recess bell rang at 8:40 a.m. sharp.

Before their language teacher could even leave the classroom, a bunch of 7 to 8 students crowded around Fu Zhi’s desk.

“Yesterday, Xu Tongtong said in the official group chat that you were taken away by the police. Are you okay?”

“Do you know that Lu Yubai and his friends pulled Xu Tongtong into an alley yesterday night? If Director Liu hadn’t intervened at the last second, I’m certain that he would’ve beaten her to a pulp. Right now, nobody dares to talk about you!”

“Fu Zhi, how can you be so smart? Luckily, I was on your side and I went through the sample questions before the examination. It’s such a shame that you didn’t get to see the faces of those hoity-toity assh*les from Class 1 the day the result was released. It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and I’ve never felt so proud of myself before! Fu Zhi, you truly are our hero!”

These few students were the ones who had participated in the competition with Fu Zhi. They were all Song Fang and Lu Yumo’s friends, and they treated her like their own sister.

Even though Fu Zhi seldom interacted with her classmates and chose to play with her phone or drink bubble tea instead, most of her classmates were beginning to warm up to her.

Zhou Zihuai and Song Fang were looking at her as well.

“The police officers are investigating the murder of Zhou Tingting.”

Fu Zhi did not tell them the whole story, but it seemed to them that she was doing fine. Song Fang then moved on to disperse the crowd of students. “Alright, let’s give Fu Zhi some space. She needs to rest.”

It was only then that the students left reluctantly and returned to their seats. They all stared at Fu Zhi’s Physics scores and felt honored to be her classmates.

When the class resumed, every teacher that entered their class would praise Fu Zhi for her achievement in the Physics competition before ending their speech with one conclusion. “Fu Zhi didn’t pay attention in class and didn’t do her homework, so how could she score full marks in the examination while you guys couldn’t do it? How come there are so many differences between you and her? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves?”

The students in Class 21 did not feel ashamed of themselves and continued to play their games.

After all, who was Fu Zhi? She was the one sitting on top of the mountain. Of course she was different from them.

The Math teacher continued to lament. “If you guys are like Fu Zhi, then you don’t have to do my homework anymore.”

Fu Zhi immediately raised her head the moment she heard what her teacher had said. “So that means I don’t need to do your homework anymore?”

The Math teacher was stumped. He turned to Fu Zhi and realized she was watching him with glittering eyes. It seemed to him that she had not realized it was not right to not do her homework, and he felt like he was having a heart attack.

“Ms. Fu Zhi, if you have any concerns about your assigned homework, you can come to consult me. Even if you really don’t feel like doing it, you have to force yourself to answer at least one question. You can’t just leave all the questions blank like that! It isn’t good for you!” The Math teacher said. He felt had already made a lot of compromises.

“What if your Math result got worse?”

“Alright then.” Fu Zhi sighed.

Su Xing, who was sitting beside Fu Zhi, whispered, “Does he realize that these are double standards? I’ve been his student for three years, and you just came to this school for two months. How can he change his attitude so fast and treat you so differently, Zhizhi?”

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