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Chapter 194: Captain Jiang’s Outburst

“I want to take her back and take care of her myself,” Jiang Ningbei replied as he stared at Madam Lu. There was nothing but dark coldness in his deep-set eyes. “Fu Zhi was framed, and I brought her away because I needed her help. Did your mom not teach that you should not simply stick your nose into other people’s affairs?

“Besides, if you don’t mind me asking, ma’am, what kind of backward world are you living in? Domestic violence is strictly prohibited and can be considered a criminal offense even when it comes to the slightest nick,” Jiang Ningbei said in a domineering voice as he studied Madam Lu from head to toe. “Why would you do that? Fu Zhi didn’t commit any crimes. Are you so eager to go to prison?”

‘He needed… her help? Didn’t he take her to prison?’

Madam Lu was stunned.

Lu Yumo was going to forgive her, but Fu Zhi was not going to. She said, “Take the medicine for 24 hours. After the treatment ends, you can go see another doctor.”

However, things were different that day. Lu Chuwan’s medicine had been very effective at treating her illness, so she did not have to depend on Fu Zhi anymore.

When Fu Zhi saw the porcelain vial in her hand, a flash of bewilderment crossed her eyes and her expression changed.

Jiang Ningbei did not notice the change in her expression and said, “Ms. Fu, let me take you back home.”

Standing beside Fu Zhi, he waited for Fu Zhi to start walking first before following her back. He used to be very confident in the capital, but he had reached the opposite extreme now.

Dong Cun stood on the spot and entered a pensive silence.

He knew Jiang Ningbei’s character very well and was certain that he was not someone who would lie. Besides, reactions and emotional changes that happened on a subconscious level often reflected the true feelings of a person.

‘Fu Zhi and Captain Jiang are friends?’

Madam Lu was dumbfounded.

The pain that spread from her wrist was getting stronger, and sweat dripped from her forehead.

Lu Chuwan detected the changes in Dong Cun’s expression and hastily said, “Oh yeah, the major shareholder said that he’s willing to sell us the formula.”

Dong Cun had come to Yu City to get the patent. Right now, this was his priority.

The wound on Fu Zhi’s arm was not deep. Xu Wei bought a big old hen from the market while they were on their way home. Then, she slaughtered the old hen with one chop and used it to make soup for Fu Zhi.

When she came out of the kitchen, Fu Zhi was reading text messages on her phone.

“You and Yumo have been blighted with bad luck recently, so mommy went to consult a psychic. He said that out of the 5 elements, you two are lacking the metal element. Therefore, mommy has gotten a protective amulet for each of you. Even though it’s very pricey, it makes me feel better, so remember to bring the amulet with you wherever you go after it arrives.”

Fu Zhi felt that she and her brother lacked money.

After Xu Wei told her about the amulet, she did not wait for a response from Fu Zhi and went to switch on the television. A documentary was on right now, and Sun Shanzhen was giving a presentation about the newest endangered Chinese herbs.

She had no interest in traditional Chinese medicine whatsoever. Just as she was about to switch to another program, a blue flower appeared on the screen.

“According to ancient medical records, the earliest discovery of a Valley Orchid was made in Yu City. This herb has great medicinal value, but it requires very specific conditions to grow. It’s very effective at tackling cancer, reducing body heat, and soothing the mind…”

Xu Wei, who was stunned, shifted her eyes to the blue flower in the teapot. She rubbernecked back and forth between the flower on the television and the one in the teapot, making a comparison between the two. After a long while, she murmured, “Zhizhi, that flower looks exactly like the beautiful wildflowers you planted in the garden for me to make tea with!”

Fu Zhi raised her head and looked at the stunted flower on the television. She only needed to take a glance to know that the flower was not worth much money.

The corners of her lips turned down as she said, “They are two different plants.”

“Is that so?” Xu Wei asked, frowning in confusion.

Sun Shanzhen continued to speak. “Due to the rarity of this herb, it’s now on the verge of extinction. Therefore, one Valley Orchid can be sold at a minimum price of 20 million yuan at an auction.”

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