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Chapter 190: Fu Zhi Won First Place

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Qian Wenrui walked up to Ma Mingquan to check the results of Class 21.

“In my opinion, there’s no way a bad student like Fu Zhi would get a good result.”

As she was talking, she lowered her head and started to look at the screen from top to bottom. Then, she froze.

The first thing she saw on the screen was not the result. Instead, on the first row was the provincial ranking shortlist notice.

Each province would only select three teams to proceed in the competition, and Ma Mingquan’s class was the second team to be shortlisted!

‘How is this even possible? How could they be so lucky? Just how many marks did Zhou Zihuai score to be able to even out the results of his teammates?’

Qian Wenrui felt as if someone was clawing at her heart. She hastily looked down, and her eyes shone when she saw Fu Zhi’s name.

She quickly shifted her gaze to the right and saw something she would never forget in her whole life. The number “100” was sitting on top of the thin black line. She was so startled that she shouted out loud, causing the rest of the teachers to turn their heads toward her. “Full marks?!”

“Who got full marks? Is it Lu Chuwan?”

“She’s really your best student!”

“I knew we could depend on her! She has a stellar record of performing extremely well in all sorts of examinations, especially in Physics! She’s really the glory of our school!”

All the teachers chimed in and began praising Lu Chuwan. Even so, some teachers who were closer to Qian Wenrui and Me Mingquan craned their necks forward and looked at the computer.

“Lu Yubai, 91, 3rd place, Lu Chuwan, 79, tied with… Huh?” A female teacher who had started reading out loud the results out of curiosity was stunned, and a weird expression formed on her face.

‘Hold on a second. If it isn’t Lu Chuwan, then who’s the one that scored full marks?’

As she was immersed in her own thoughts, someone beside her shouted, “It’s Fu Zhi! She’s the one that got full marks! The 2nd place went to Zhou Zihuai, who scored 93 marks in total!”

Another teacher interjected. “What did she grow up eating? Fish brains? This is so incredible!”

“Most importantly, none of us received the shortlist notice. Only Mr. Ma’s class did, which means that only your class survived the examination…”

Everyone in the office began to congratulate Ma Mingquan, who still could not come back to his senses.

On the other side, Qian Wenrui’s face was grim.

She snatched a document from her desk and stormed out of the office. She barged into Director Liu’s office and, without giving him a chance to say anything, she shouted, “All the students in Class 1 are good students! It’s simply unacceptable that none of my students made it into the final round. Since Fu Zhi is involved in a murder case, we can’t keep her at our school anymore. Why don’t we ask Mr. Ma to hand over the spot and Zhou Zihuai and let my class merge with their team? I’m not suggesting this for my own benefit. This is the best way to promote the reputation of our school to a whole new level!”

When Fu Zhi got into the car, Captain Jiang handed her a laptop and said, “Our team is currently facing trouble. The information of our team members has been exposed, and one of our member’s parents were taken away by a group of mafia men. Our technical support guy is trying his best to locate them, but he needs some time to do it.”

Captain Jiang, who was also known as Jiang Ningbei, was the leader of the capital inspectorate bureau. Three years ago, he and his team had come to prominence after successfully raiding an international drug lord.

That was also the same year he had been sent to protect Fu Zhi by the government.

Fu Zhi leaned against the cushion and took her ultrthin phone out of her back pocket. After doing that, she connected her phone to the laptop. Then, she squinted her beautiful eyes and said apathetically, “Give me 10 minutes.”

Her fingers tapped a few times on the laptop, and her face was grim. She looked rather agitated as she ordered, “Help me send my mom a text message. Tell her that I’ll join you guys to save someone.”

“Oh yeah, there’s something I need to tell you first. It’s about the 2nd generation test subject. According to President Li’s people, even though she seems to be after you on the surface, it seems to us that she’s protecting you as well…”

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