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Chapter 191: Fu Zhi Is Involved In A Criminal Case

In a private room of a restaurant beside No.1 High School…

“Did you bring the anti-cancer drug with you?” Dong Cun asked softly. “Are you certain the vial was crafted by Xu Jiuzhou?”

Lu Chuwan nodded. She turned around and pulled a white vial out of her bag. There was a picture of a plum blossom on the surface of the vial.

“The fragrance, the quality, and the shape of the pills are very similar to the anti-cancer drug’s. However, I still need to take it back to analyze the ingredients. Where did you get it?” Dong Cun asked as he dropped the pills on his palm. The moment the pills were out of the vial, the air was filled with a faint fragrance that could lift one’s spirit.

Dong Cun could basically confirm that the pills were the real deal. However, to prevent anything from going south, he still decided to confirm it again with his research team.

As he was sending a text message to his team, Lu Chuwan’s phone rang. Dong Cun noticed that the frown on her face was getting deeper as she talked to the person on the other side of the line. He waited patiently until she hung up before asking, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Chuwan seemed a little reluctant at first, but she sighed in the end and said, “Fu Zhi was taken away by police officers. Grandmother and everyone else are rushing to the police station right now. This call was from my second aunt. She asked me where you are right now…”

Dong Cun was stunned. “Is it a criminal case?”

He then paused for a moment and frowned. “But why is Xu Wei looking for me?”

Lu Chuwan replied, “Maybe she needs your help. I’m not so sure either. It seems very serious this time. Fu Zhi’s fingerprints were found all over the weapon. Plus, she was on bad terms with Zhou Tingting…”

Dong Cun’s face was getting darker and darker. He did not want to help at all, but since Lu Chuwan had asked, he nodded and said, “Since you’ve asked, let’s go there and check out the situation.”

Lu Chuwan nodded in assent.

On the other side of the city, at the Yu City Police Station…

“We can’t release her right now. Do you guys know about Captain Jiang? She was taken away by the Interpol,” Sheriff Zhao told the Lus, who were sitting in front of him. “I’m afraid the circumstantial evidence is not in her favor.”

They did not know who Captain Jiang was, but they were familiar with the Interpol. Madam Lu’s expression grew grim after Sheriff Zhao told them everything.

What’s worse, they could not get through to Fu Zhi right now. It seemed as if her phone signal was being blocked by something.

Lu Jingqing was making calls to people he knew to bring his daughter back.

Xu Wei then asked Sheriff Zhao, “Do you have any way to get to Captain Jiang? We’re worried about our daughter!”

Sheriff Zhao was not qualified to participate in the investigation of an international case.

As for Captain Jiang’s phone number, he reckoned that even the police chief did not have it.

The Lu Family was a rich family in Yu City, but they were totally outranked in the capital. Captain Jiang was someone with authority, which was something the Lu Family did not have.

Sheriff Zhao then replied, “You have to be prepared. This case has a wider outreach, and they won’t release her until they get something out of her.”

Xu Wei’s face turned pale when she heard what Sheriff Zhao had said. She clutched Lu Yumo’s arm even tighter as she said, her voice thick with anxiety, “No! This can’t be happening! Can you please help us, Sheriff Zhao? My daughter couldn’t even bring herself to kill a chicken, so how is there any chance she would murder a person?”

“Please calm down, madam,” Sheriff Zhao replied as he handed a paper towel to Xu Wei. “I’m afraid that there is nothing we can do at the moment. However, if you guys can reach the Jiang Family in the capital, perhaps there’ll still be time to save her…”

Xu Wei’s eyes shone. “I remember that the old master of the Dong Family knew the Jiang Family!”

At that moment, Dong Cun and Lu Chuwan emerged through the entrance. The second he stepped into the hall, he frowned and asked, “Where is Fu Zhi? Are you guys keeping her in jail?”

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