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Chapter 189: The Crime Of Intentionally Harming A National Treasure

“Please don’t get us wrong. Even though the scene evidence points to you, we won’t rush into a decision before the situation is clear.”

The female police officer paused for a while, looked at Fu Zhi, and thought, ‘She’s so adorable.’

Then, she comforted her. “You’re still young, not to mention that you’re a student. No matter the circumstances, we believe that you had nothing to do with this case.”


Since they had chosen to believe that she was innocent, Fu Zhi replied, “Can I go now?”

The female police officer was stunned by Fu Zhi’s calmness.

Just as she was about to say something in return, a few black off-road vehicles stopped on the road in front of the police station.

Then, a group of six to seven men jumped down from the vehicles.

All of them were international policemen hired by the government to protect Fu Zhi. The moment they had gotten wind of the news that Fu Zhi had been taken away by the police, they had come all the way from their training camp, which was several kilometers away from the city, to assist her.

The door to the police station was opened by a pair of strong, powerful arms. The man walking in the front of the team had a pair of sharp, piercing eyes, and there was a scar at the corner of his eye, just below his temple. He threw a stack of documents into Sheriff Zhao’s hands and said firmly, “The murder of Zhou Tingting is an international case, so hand Fu Zhi over to us. You guys don’t have to follow up on the investigation.”

Sheriff Zhao was stunned. He did not check the documents before he said, “But it’s happened in Yu City, so it’s our duty to see this to the end and give the public the truth.”

‘Your duty to see it to the end?’

Captain Jiang scoffed as he glanced at Fu Zhi, who was sitting in the hall.

‘Hmm. My dear Zhizhi is still looking great.’

She could probably put a cow down with a punch.

When he thought of what he was going to ask Fu Zhi later, he let out a sigh of relief. Then, he turned to Sheriff Zhao and said in a stern voice, “According to a person briefed on the matter, you guys took an innocent person who has nothing to do with the case into custody, and you are suspected of harming a national treasure intentionally. All in all, you guys lack competence, so you are not allowed to participate in the investigation anymore.”

Sheriff Zhao looked at Captain Jiang with a face full of confusion.

‘What? National treasure? I don’t remember coming across any pandas recently. Why is he saying that we harmed a national treasure?’

Be that as it may, Captain Jiang was not going to explain anything else. After taking Fu Zhi, they left the police station.

The result of the Physics competition was released on the government website at 1 p.m. sharp.

All the teachers in the Physics group rushed to their computers and began to search for their students’ names out of the 1,000 candidates on the list.

Qian Wenrui was so nervous that she nearly stuck her face against the screen of her computer.

She typed in the number of her team, 101, and five names soon appeared on the screen.

The first one to appear was Lu Yubai’s result. He had gotten 91 points.

The teachers had met up for a review session after the competition. Given the short amount of time and the difficulty of the questions, they had all concluded that only excellent students would be able to score higher than 80 points.

As expected, Qian Wenrui scrolled down a little and saw that Lu Yubai’s result was the 3rd highest in the province. Her heart skipped a beat, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, Lu Chuwan’s results had always been better than Lu Yubai’s results. Therefore, other than Lu Chuwan, she could not think of any other students who could pull off this feat.

‘Way to go, Chuwan. I knew you could do it!’

Qian Wenrui could barely hold the excitement that filled her to the brim. When she was about to click into Lu Chuwan’s name, Ma Mingquan’s travel mug dropped to the floor with a loud bang.

Even though the mug did not break, Qian Wenrui was still startled by the sound.

She turned her head around and saw a bewildered expression on Ma Mingquan’s face. His eyes were also fixed on the screen. A surge of exhilaration welled in her heart as she scoffed, “What’s wrong, Mr. Ma? Could it be that your student got last place?”

Ma Mingquan did not reply. His eyes bulged widely, and he seemed stunned. Qian Wenrui then added, “How well did that student of yours named Fu Zhi perform? I heard she was taken away by police officers because she murdered somebody? Could she not even have passed the cut-off scores?”

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