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Chapter 188: Fu Zhi Is Taken Away By The Police

“If she doesn’t want to help us, then she should say it. There’s no need to give us such a bullsh*t excuse and mess around with us as though we are fools!”

Lu Ning explained, “Professor He is her teacher. Perhaps he had mentioned it to her before, so she’s very familiar with the medication…”

“Alright, enough of your excuses. There’s no way Professor He would mention something so important to his student, and you should stop giving her so much credit!” Dong Cun interjected forcefully. He kicked the coffee table in frustration before adding, “I know exactly what she is trying to do. She thought that I would submit to her if she brought Professor He out? No way! I’d never do that!”

In the meantime, a group of policemen was approaching No.1 High School. Before Director Liu could recover from his reverie, he received a call from the entrance guard, who said that the police was there to investigate a case.

After the police ran him through the situation, the police chief, Sheriff Zhao, followed Director Liu to Class 21 to get the person that they had come for.

“You’re Fu Zhi, right?” Sheriff Zhao asked softly, looking at the quiet young girl before him. He showed her his badge and added, “We’re from the Yu City Police Station and we’d like to ask you to follow us back to the station. There are a few things that we need you to clarify.”

Why had they come for Fu Zhi? Because Zhou Tingting had been found dead in an alley behind the Yu City Hospital that morning. The tendons in her right arm had been severed, and the cause of her death had been a heavy blow to her head.

They had also found Fu Zhi’s fingerprints and her student ID on the scene. Therefore, due to the severity of the matter, Sheriff Zhao had taken the case into his own hands and decided to investigate it himself.

Fu Zhi was required to give a statement at the police station.

The policemen were all in uniform, and the students from Class 21 were studying them through the window.

Fu Zhi nodded in assent. She turned around and saw that Director Liu’s face had turned pale. There was sweat budding on his forehead, and his hands were shaking. He said, “Don’t worry. I already called your parents.”

Truth be told, Director Liu’s worry was totally uncalled for. Fu Zhi was not perturbed at all and even reassured him instead. “I’ll be back soon.”

Director Liu did not know what to say. His anxiety began to ebb away as he cursed Fu Zhi inwardly for her nonchalance. ‘Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Do you think the police station is your home?!’

Fu Zhi passed by the other classrooms as she followed the police.

Lu Chuwan was talking to Qian Wenrui when she noticed the commotion. She turned her head toward the source and a surprised expression dawned on her face. She looked at Fu Zhi but soon averted her gaze.

She had no idea whether her ears were playing a trick on her or something else was happening, but she seemed to have caught the word “deceased” during their conversation.

She thought for a moment and then called Madam Lu after Qian Wenrui left.

“Bad news, grandma. You have to stay calm and listen to me. Fu Zhi seems to have been involved in a murder case.”

On the other side of the phone, Madam Lu was playing mahjong with her friends. When she heard what Lu Chuwan had said, she froze.

She excused herself and exited the room with the phone in her hand. After she ascertained that no one was within earshot, she asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Lu Chuwan was not very clear. She said, “There are police officers at school, and I heard that someone has been killed.”

When Fu Zhi arrived at the police station, a gentle-looking female police officer interrogated her.

“Were you familiar with the deceased?”

Fu Zhi nodded. “Yeah, I knew her.”

The female police officer scribbled something on the paper and said, “We found out that you had a conflict with the deceased. Is that right?”

It had not been a difficult task for the police to find out about this, especially since Zhou Tingting and her family had been admitted to the hospital yesterday because of a scam.

Fu Zhi had been on bad terms with Zhou Tingting at school, so she was at the top of the suspect list.

“Yeah, we did, but let me make myself clear. She was the one who kept picking on me,” Fu Zhi replied calmly. Then, she asked the police officer back, “So you guys think that a good student like me, who’s loyal to her country, is the murderer just because of some fake evidence you discovered on the scene?”

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