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Chapter 171: Goddess Fu Zhi

The remaining invigilators walked over and were all equally shocked.

“This… This is incredible. Judging from the answers alone, all I can say is that she’s as good as the monsters from Country M.”

“I remember this participant last year that was called Li Baocai. Despite his level, he needed at least 30 minutes to complete this kind of question paper.”

“As long as Fu Zhi doesn’t drop the ball last minute, there will still be hope for us to get the Junior Nobel Prize this year!”

Absolute silence was necessary in an examination hall. When the leader of the invigilators came back to his senses, he made a gesture to shush the remaining invigilators.

The invigilators began to collect the question papers 20 minutes after Fu Zhi left the examination hall.

Lu Yubai felt like the entire world was spinning when he walked out of the examination hall.

At the same time, Lu Chuwan’s expression was dark. She had not managed to finish the last 3 structured questions, and most importantly, she had overheard the conversation between the invigilators.

When she’d heard that Fu Zhi was going to get full marks, she had felt frustrated.

After exiting the examination hall, Xu Tongtong approached her and complained. “The duration of the examination for the past few years was 90 minutes. How come this year they changed it to 40 minutes? This is so unfair!”

Lu Chuwan was not satisfied either. “Yeah, you’re right. The duration of this examination was indeed unreasonable. The association needs to improve on this matter.”

After saying that, she went to report the situation to Qian Wenrui.

“My cousin didn’t manage to finish the last 2 questions either. All 100 questions were questions I had never seen before. We only had 40 minutes to finish the paper, so other than a few students who gave up and handed in the paper ahead of time, all of us had our papers taken away by the invigilators,” Lu Chuwan said as she pulled out her phone. “My uncle knows someone in the Education Bureau, so let me ask for the opinion of the other participants. If all of them agree, I’ll request that the result is voided and we are allowed to retake the examination!”

As she was talking, she looked at her phone and realized there were a lot of messages in No.1 High School’s official WeChat group.

Most people were complaining that they had not had enough time to finish the paper, and some of them even said that they had to give up on the last 4 structured questions. There was also a group of students who were expressing their gratitude for Lu Chuwan, saying that if she had not guessed the 4 questions correctly, they would not have been able to answer them so smoothly.

The corners of Lu Chuwan’s lips curled up a little when she saw these messages. She could not bear the fact that Fu Zhi was better than her.

Just as she was about to send a message, a few more messages popped up.

[??? Are you all stupid? Other than the last 4 structured questions, most of the questions were sample questions from the question bank. It goes without saying that they had to shorten the duration of the exam.]

[Look at this picture. I guess I don’t need to explain anymore, right? I vaguely remember Fu Zhi mentioning before that we should check the sample questions in the question bank, didn’t she? How come nobody ever listens to her?]

[If you guys praise Lu Chuwan for guessing 4 questions correctly, then should we treat Fu Zhi to a meal for guessing 40 questions correctly? Right now, I just want to ask Lu Chuwan a question: How do you feel? Does your heart hurt over refusing to listen to Fu Zhi?]

[All I managed to do was write down the word “solved”. That was the end of the story…]

The atmosphere in the group began to change. More and more students were emerging one after another to scold Lu Chuwan and complain about her.

Her heart skipped a beat and her face turned pale.

It was only now that she understood why Fu Zhi had been able to finish the question paper so fast and why those invigilators had kept praising her.

Fu Zhi had had the answers to the fill-in-the-blank questions since the beginning. It was not fair to the other students!

Xu Tongtong was reading the messages as well.

“Holy… Fu Zhi was right, but how did she…” Xu Tongtong said as she skimmed through the sample questions in the question bank. Just as she was about to praise Fu Zhi, she saw the expression on Lu Chuwan’s face and hastily said, “She just got lucky. Don’t overthink, Wanwan. Since she handed in the question paper so soon, I’m certain that she didn’t know the answers to the structured questions either.”

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