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Chapter 170: Real Talent Wasted – 2

Not every student in Class 21 performed badly academically. A small group of students, such as Zhou Zihuai, were originally students from Class 1. There were a few pens and several pieces of paper on their tables right now.

Fu Zhi had just brought one pen with her and she looked rather bored.

She seemed more like she had come for vacation rather than an examination.

Lu Chuwan retracted her gaze as she put her arm on the side of her table that was closer to Fu Zhi.

“What’s done is done. Don’t mention that in front of her anymore. In any case, I won’t help her this time.”

Lu Yubai only arrived at the examination hall 15 minutes before the exam started.

Very soon, the invigilators began distributing the question papers. “A reminder: To remove any element of luck, there are only fill-in-the-blank questions and structured questions during the qualifying round. If anyone is caught cheating, he or she will not be allowed to participate in any large competition for 4 years.”

Fu Zhi soon received her paper and scanned it. There were 60 fill-in-the-blank questions, and nearly 40 of them were sample questions from the question bank.

The guys from Class 21 were excited. They immediately began answering the moment they got their own question papers.

Fu Zhi finished the fill-in-the-blank questions in 5 minutes. The remaining 4 structured questions were new questions. It was more difficult to answer them, and more sophisticated thinking was required.

Meanwhile, a man appeared outside the door. He was the leader of the invigilators from the capital.

When he walked across the examination hall, he shook his head and sighed. One of the exam invigilators walked up to him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It seems to me that most of the students did not expect that the association would use questions from the samples in the question bank. This time, the participants are required to answer a lot of questions in a very short time. If any of them have checked through the question bank, then this round will be a breeze for them.”

He paused for a while before adding, “Most importantly, the last 4 structured questions are way too hard. I can see that most of the participants are unable to answer them. Even I didn’t expect that Old Master Sheng Hua would set up the questions of the qualifying round. The participants won’t have enough time to answer the structured questions, and I think the fill-in-the-blank questions will be the deciding factor.”

Generally speaking, the president of the association or the director of the research institute would only set up the questions of the final round. However, it was different this time. None of them had expected that Sheng Hua would actually set up the questions of the qualifying round.

He walked across the examination hall, and most of the participants were indeed unable to answer the structured questions.

“It seems like our country is not going to win this time…”

The leader of the invigilators frowned as he pinched the badge in front of his chest.

He had heard that most of the participants in this examination hall were pretty good, which was why he had come to have a look. However, he was disappointed.

Just as he was about to leave, someone stood up and handed in the paper.

It was a young girl with a pretty appearance.

He frowned and asked, “There are 20 minutes left. Are you sure you want to hand in the paper now?”

Fu Zhi nodded. “Yeah.”

The students that could not answer the questions looked at her in awe.

Lu Chuwan noticed her as well, and her heart skipped a beat. She could not believe that Fu Zhi had finished the question paper so fast. She bit her bottom lip, lowered her head, and continued to answer the question paper.

Piqued by curiosity, the leader of the invigilators scanned Fu Zhi’s answer sheet and was stunned. Fu Zhi’s answers were inch-perfect, and even though he did not have the answers to the questions, he was able to deduce from a single glance that her answers were all correct.

She had been able to finish an ultrdifficult question paper in less than 20 minutes. He could already vaguely see the flag of their country being raised in a foreign land.

“It would be such a waste for this kind of student to stay in Yu City,” he mumbled after Fu Zhi left the examination hall.

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