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Chapter 172: Lu Yumo Wanted To Drown Himself In A Pool

After Fu Zhi finished the examination, she bought a cup of bubble tea from a shop outside her school and then hailed a cab to go home.

She was in a good mood right now. However, by the time she arrived at home, there was a group of people standing at the entrance.

She walked closer and realized that a man with a disheveled appearance was pointing at Xu Wei. “You think you guys are rich and can just refuse to admit it? Let me tell you something! We’re living in a world governed by laws and rules. Your son has defiled my daughter, so he has to marry her! Otherwise, how is my daughter going to live for the rest of her life?”

“Don’t point your finger at my mom! I already told you that I was as drunk as a skunk last night, and a person can’t lose his or her head when they are drunk. This is common sense! There’s no way I would do something like that to her!” Lu Yumo explained.

He had just gone to a birthday party, so he had not expected that he would wake up to find Zhou Tingting sleeping beside him the next day.

“Bullsh*t! My daughter came back with her clothes all torn apart this morning, and now you are telling me that you didn’t do anything to her? How am I supposed to believe you? Are you saying that you two were just chit-chatting in bed the whole night? You b*stard!” Mr. Zhou shouted. There were plenty of people outside the Lu Mansion, and he made no effort to protect his daughter’s chastity at all. It was as if he was trying to tell everyone that his daughter had been hurt by Lu Yumo.

“Please calm down, Mr. Zhou. Both of them are still young, and I know my son very well. I’m certain that he would not do something so absurd to your daughter.”

Zhou Tingting and her family had been busted for scamming them out of their money. Therefore, she knew how greedy and untrustworthy the Zhou Family was.

If she made her son marry Zhou Tingting, she could imagine that she would have to beg for money on the street alongside a skinny Fu Zhi before long.

“Absurd? You call this absurd? It’s about my daughter’s chastity! How can you say it’s absurd?!” Mr. Zhou shouted as he pulled Zhou Tingting over. “Come over here, my daughter. Tell them. Did he hurt you last night?”

“Dad… I…”

Zhou Tingting kept her lips shut tight and cried beside her father. She made it look as if Lu Yumo had indeed done something bad to her.

Mr. Zhou harrumphed, “If it were not for my daughter, do you think I would have come here? I just want justice for my daughter.”

The crowd of people outside the Lu Mansion began to lean toward Zhou Tingting and her father’s side after what they said. After all, nobody would make fun of their children’s reputation.

One of the people in the crowd then said, “Yumo, you’re a man, so take responsibility for your actions!”

Fu Zhi pressed her lips firmly.

She looked at Zhou Tingting and realized that she had gotten even skinnier since the last time she had seen her.

Lu Yumo felt so anxious that he wanted to drown himself in a pool of water.

He feared that he was not clean anymore. However, the dingy hotel that he’d slept in last night had not had any surveillance cameras.

He was so devastated that he covered his mouth, as he did not want anyone to know he was crying.

The world was too harsh on him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zhou was full of confidence. He glanced around the Lu Mansion with his murky eyes. Then, he stood with his arms akimbo and said righteously, “Let me tell you something. I’ll do whatever it takes to get justice for my daughter, even if it costs me my life. If you guys refuse to admit it, I’ll expose everything your son did to Yu City’s broadcast station. I want the entire world to know what your son has done to my daughter!”

When Zhou Tingting had come home today and told him that Lu Yumo had defiled her, he had gotten fired up, as he knew his chance had come.

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