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Chapter 156: I’m So Proud Of You, Zhizhi!

After Fu Zhi changed clothes, she followed her family to the Lu Household.

Madam Lu was watering her orchids, but when she saw Fu Zhi and her family, she smacked her lips and said, “You guys came.”

Lu Jingqing nodded in return. He pulled a chair away from the table, looked around, and asked, “Mom, why did you call us back to the Lu Household? Did something happen?”

He paused for a few seconds before asking, “Where is Chuwan?”

“Must there be a reason for me to call you back home?” The old woman harrumphed. Then, she glanced at Fu Zhi subtly and added, “Chuwan is having an extra class with her teacher, as she’s preparing for the national Physics competition. After all, she’s our country’s hope.”

‘Unlike that good-for-nothing Fu Zhi.’

“Oh, I see,” Lu Jingqing replied flatly.

Truth be told, he did not care what his niece was doing. He had just asked out of courtesy. Then, he said, “Chuwan’s grades have always been good.”

Madam Lu nodded in assent. She then stole a glance at Fu Zhi again and rolled her eyes.

The last person she wanted to enrage right now was Fu Zhi. After all, when she’d refused to take her medicine 10 times a day like Fu Zhi had told her, she had nearly died of chest pain that very night.

Besides, Dong Cun and Lu Ning were in the dining hall as well. She did not want to make herself look too bad in front of them, so she swallowed her criticism back to her stomach. She continued to talk, and then began talking about Lu Chuwan once more. A proud expression formed on her face as she said, “The school signed Wanwan up for the competition. They also made her the team leader of the team that will go to the competition.”

Madam Lu was genuinely grateful for Fu Zhi and had begun to see her in a new light ever since she had saved her life that night.

However, all this had not lasted long. When Fu Zhi had refused to give up the slot and give her the bottled medicine, the good image of Fu Zhi in her heart had crumbled. She thought she was rude and she would certainly get into trouble when she stepped into society in the future.

What’s more, whenever she thought that even Dong Cun knew that she had participated in a live streaming session and asked for donations, she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself in the ground.

Therefore, she could only keep talking about Lu Chuwan to make herself feel less embarrassed.

Bai Yao knew what Madam Lu was thinking and was smiling brightly. She took a glance at Fu Zhi and interrupted. “You are all flattering Wanwan. Her grades aren’t that great. The most important thing is that she focuses her mind on staying on the right track, unlike someone else, who live-streamed while flirting with other men behind her parents’ back. Back in the day, her actions would have been no different from those of a prost…”

She did not say it explicitly, nor did she finish her sentence. It seemed as if she cared about Fu Zhi’s feelings on the surface, but in reality, this would only make people think of bad things.

Fu Zhi raised an eyebrow. She gripped her chopsticks tightly, her eyes exuding annoyance while anger was running down the lines of each side of her face.

Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei knew what Bai Yao was implying. However, they were not angry with Fu Zhi. Instead, they felt that Bai Yao was being dramatic.

“I guess you have some misconceptions about this industry, sister-in-law,” Lu Jingqing said flatly. Then, Xu Wei added, “Well, it isn’t good to flirt with other men, but women should earn money by themselves.”

For example, look at her daughter! Even the professor from Tsinghua University wanted to give her money!

Madam Lu and Bai Yao were a little shocked when they saw how calm Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei were.

At the same time, Dong Cun frowned as he thought, ‘Could they not have understood what they’re talking about?’

He had always admired Lu Jingqing’s work style, but he found that when it came to raising a child, his method was kind of off-putting.

However, before he could do anything, Lu Ning’s voice rang out.

“I watched the live streaming session! Zhizhi answered questions that Professor Han couldn’t answer in less than 20 minutes. There are very few people in our country who could achieve such a feat! I’m so proud of you, Zhizhi!”

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