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Chapter 157: Let’s Become Friends On WeChat

Lu Ning was so excited that she put down her chopsticks. She had a soft spot in her heart for pretty girls who were good at their studies. Right now, she just wanted to stuff her niece into a gunny sack and take her away.

“Wow, you were in the live streaming session as well, Ah Ning?” Xu Wei exclaimed, disbelief accenting her voice.

“Yep, and I contributed over 20 mermaids for Zhizhi!” Lu Ning cocked her head and offered Fu Zhi a smile. “Let’s become friends on WeChat later. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t need you to help me answer any questions. I just want to add you as a friend on WeChat so that I can give you money to buy pretty clothes!”

Fu Zhi took her phone out of her bag immediately and said, “Alright, let’s do it right now. I love talking to you.”

Then, the two of them added each other on WeChat as everyone watched on.

The atmosphere in the dining hall was weird.

It took Dong Cun a few seconds to process what his wife had said. By the time he finally came back to his senses, Fu Zhi and Lu Ning had already finished adding each other on WeChat. He jerked his head up and asked with a frown, “You said Fu Zhi answered a question that even Han Wei couldn’t answer?”

Lu Ning turned to look at her husband. When she saw the surprised expression on his face, she replied proudly, “Yes. My niece is smart, right?”

“She’s my daughter!” Xu Wei added shyly.

Lu Ning patted Xu Wei’s hand and nodded affirmatively. The two of them exchanged a smile, and the relationship between them strengthened.

Dong Cun still could not accept what he had heard. “How is that possible? Isn’t Han Wei a professor of Tsinghua University’s Department of Mathematics? Given her grades, how is there…”

“What’s wrong with my niece’s grades?” Lu Ning smacked her phone on the table. “Are you questioning me, or do you simply want to sleep in the study?”

“No, I mean…” Dong Cun was stumped.

He had not expected that Fu Zhi would be able to answer a question posed by Professor Han Wei, and according to Lu Ning, this had been no stroke of luck.

“Look for yourself. Zhizhi didn’t ask for donations. It was Professor Han Wei who begged her to add him on WeChat, alright?” Lu Ning opened the recording and threw her phone at Dong Cun.

Truth be told, there was one thing she felt weird about. Topics about Fu Zhi had been everywhere on the internet one day earlier, but the next day, they had just disappeared into thin air as if nothing had happened.

The recording on Lu Ning’s phone had been recorded by Lu Ning herself. Not only Dong Cun, but even Bai Yao and Madam Lu were shocked when they watched the recording.

Dong Cun looked at Fu Zhi, who was nibbling on a sweet and sour pork rib, with a mixed expression on his face.

Since the day he had come to Yu City, he had been convinced that Fu Zhi was a useless, worthless, materialistic girl. If it had not been for Lu Jingqing, there was no way she could have entered No.1 High School. Therefore, he had been exceptionally mad at her when he had gotten wind of the news that she had taken Lu Chuwan’s spot away by playing dirty tricks.

However, right now…

If she was capable of helping them set up a meeting with Professor He, then why had she made herself look like those Beverly Hills girls? Why hadn’t she said something about it?

Was she waiting for them to ask her, or was she fishing for sympathy?

For a moment, Dong Cun did not know what to say.

Meanwhile, after drinking a cup of water, Madam Lu smacked her lips and expressed her opinion. “That’s really rude. I think you shouldn’t do that. He’s a professor, and you might need his help someday in the future. Now that you’ve put him on the spot, who’s going to give you a hand if you come across a problem?”

She paused for a while before adding, “Also, I gave you 8 million yuan, and you only thought of buying your second brother a drawing board?”

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