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Chapter 155: The Source of The Gene

Dong Cun could understand Fu Zhi.

Unlike Lu Chuwan, Fu Zhi was a girl who came from the countryside. She was poor and nearsighted.

He reckoned that her plutomanic behavior stemmed from her insecurity and inability to get Lu Jingqing’s attention.

There was no need for him to waste his effort and time on a girl like her. All he had to do was give her some money and she would get out of his sight.

Lu Chuwan did not know what Dong Cun was thinking. She stole a glance at him and said, “If it’s not convenient for you, then…”

“Sure, no problem.” Dong Cun interjected with a frown.

There was no doubt that Fu Zhi was one of a kind. Dong Cun had never seen a girl as pretty as her before in his life. It was just that he did not like her attitude. She was too materialistic, which was something that was hard to change.

Dong Cun did not have a daughter, so Fu Zhi was of little to no value to him. They were, after all, people from rich families. They focused on personal characteristics, and she would just become a toy for the young members of aristocratic families.

However, Lu Chuwan was different. He was pretty satisfied with her. Not only was she well-versed in arts, but her academic performance was superb. He wanted to make use of this opportunity and introduced Lu Chuwan to someone he knew in the capital. Therefore, he said, “I’ll give you a bundle of study materials after you meet Professor He. Promise me you will study hard and you’ll give me a call if you face any trouble.”

Outside No.1 High School…

Lu Jingqing had come to pick his wife and daughter up. While they were on their way home, he received a call from Madam Lu. She wanted them to go to the Lu Household.

“Let’s go back and get changed. We also need to pick Yushen up.”

Xu Wei was in a good mood, as the incident with Fu Zhi had finally ended. She turned to Fu Zhi and said, “I didn’t know that a live streamer could earn so much. One rocket costs 288 yuan, so 100 rockets cost me about 20,000 yuan!”

It seemed as if she was complaining, but everyone in the car knew that she was actually very happy right now.

Lu Jingqing nodded in assent and said, “I think it’s alright. All live streaming platforms are like that. I contributed 500 rockets, and that’s still fine with me.”

Both of them acted it like they had spent a few cents instead of a few million.

When they got home, Lu Jingqing looked at Lu Yumo, who had only contributed 2 to 3 rockets, after he got out of the car.

Ever since the previous incident, Lu Jingqing had cut him off. The money that he’d used to buy rockets for Fu Zhi was all he had left in his savings account.

He did not want others to look down on him, but Lu Yushen had been the only one left in the house at the time. He thought Lu Yushen was as poor as him, so he had not wanted him to compare himself to him. Therefore, he opened his mouth and said defiantly, “It’s not that I don’t have money to buy rockets. I just think it’s outdated to support someone with money. Therefore, I supported Zhizhi by making bullet comments, and you know what? Everyone agreed with everything I said!”

Xu Wei, who was skeptical about what her son had said, asked, “What did you say?”

Lu Yumo straightened his back and pulled his phone out.

Fu Zhi craned her neck and took a look at his bullet comment history.

[When I become king one day, I’ll slaughter anyone who betrays me!]

[If you destroy my sister’s wings, I’ll destroy your heaven.]

The corner of Fu Zhi’s mouth twitched when she saw the bullet comments. She raised her head and looked at her brother, who stood proud and straight like a ramrod.

She did not know what to say. She speculated that not everyone agreed with the things he’d said. It was just that they did not know how to reply to those comments.

Lu Jingqing suddenly had an urge to take his son to a doctor, which Xu Wei seconded. She took her phone out and said with a disdainful frown on her face, “Is he really our son? Why didn’t he inherit any of our intelligence?”

That said, when Fu Zhi saw how Xu Wei had replied to a hater who had said she was crying because she did not know how to answer the questions, she finally realized where Lu Yumo had gotten his airheaded gene.

Xu Wei had answered the hater, “She isn’t crying. It’s just that her eyelashes are drowning.”

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