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Chapter 154: Falling Head Over Heels

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Lu Chuwan felt as if there were ants in her pants even after she went into the car. She fished her phone out and opened Weibo.

As expected, there were three hot topics about Fu Zhi on Weibo.

#The Li Corporation splurged a million in a live streaming session#

#8 billion netizens were bullied by the little b*tch#


#The top 8 teams of “Glory” have once again appeared on the same screen#

The people who had not joined the live streaming session clicked into the second topic in rage, and then all of them ended up falling head over heels for Fu Zhi.

[Oh my goodness…]

[She’s so adorable!]

[I want to give you plenty of rockets too!]

[She’s my new baby! I’ll carry her in my arms and perform a series of acrobatic moves, such as the Thomas Flair and a forward somersault, before making the perfect landing and sprinting straight toward our wonderful life!]

At the same time, the Li Corporation also made use of this opportunity to announce the expulsion of No.1 High School’s vice-principal, Mr. Xia, and Tian Nuo. They also made it very clear that they hoped every netizen would think rationally and stop spreading fake news.

The anti-fans who had contributed plenty of money during the live streaming session hurriedly added comments under the hot topic.

[I strongly recommend this pretty young girl! If you are my sisters, then go and support her!]

[This is a true story. It’s another lifetime series about 8 billion netizens getting bullied during a live streaming session! My daughter is so cool! She didn’t even fret while facing so many people!]

[Sob, sob, sob… There are so many brothers backing her up. I’m so jealous of her. I want to be like her as well…]

[This girl has earned my respect. Even though I don’t understand a single thing about the Mathematical Olympiad, there’s one thing I’m very certain of: The Mathematical Olympiad is something a slacking student like me will never ever understand in their whole life!]

The netizens, who had finally realized that they had misunderstood Fu Zhi, once again focused their attention on the post in No.1 High School’s forum. They performed a simple search and realized that bribery was not something new in this school. Plenty of rich kids were bribing their way into the school, and it was only at this moment that they finally saw the true faces hiding underneath their false pretenses.

The quality of the students and teachers of No.1 High School was now being questioned. A big number of netizens were urging the school authorities to come out and give an explanation.

The thing that had worried the school the most had happened. Under public pressure, the school authorities had no other choice but to come forward and make a public statement.

[Ms. Fu Zhi is a good student and behaves well at school, so we’re confident that she would never take advantage of other students. The school authorities have punished the rumormongers that started these rumors. The national Physics competition is around the corner, and the school authorities hope that everyone can focus their attention on our students, Lu Chuwan, Zhou Zihuai, and Gu Yan.]


The statement was pretty straightforward. Fu Zhi had not done anything wrong, and the netizens should stop questioning the quality of the teachers of No.1 High School. Everything would be cleared up after the national Physics competition.

Most of them did not know who Lu Chuwan and Zhou Zihuai were, but they were very familiar with Gu Yan. She had gotten 8th place in the last national Physics competition, and in a sense, she was a genius as well.

When Lu Chuwan saw that some of the netizens hoped Fu Zhi would participate in the national Physics competition, she frowned.

Dong Cun saw that she had been staring at her phone, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Startled, she put her phone away and replied, “Nothing. Nothing’s happened.”

The car moved rapidly along the road, and they soon arrived at the Lu Mansion. Lu Chuwan had not said anything along the way. It was only when she saw Madam Lu that she turned to Dong Cun and said, “Uncle Dong Cun, Zhizhi doesn’t like me. However, you’re different. You’re more experienced, so I hope you can give Zhizhi some advice. She’s no longer a feral child. After all, she’s one of the Lus now. I don’t know where she learned this, but many netizens are scolding her because she asked for donations during the live streaming session today…”

Madam Lu’s expression turned dark when she heard what Lu Chuwan had said.

The Lu Family did not treat Fu Zhi unfairly and had just given her 8 million yuan a few days ago. Therefore, she felt really embarrassed when she heard about the things Fu Zhi had done in the live streaming session.

On the other side, Dong Cun let out a scoff.

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