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Chapter 153: I Want To Be Nice To You

Fu Zhi took a seat next to Li Nanli this time.

She turned her head, and their gazes met.

He had a pair of pretty eyes and the kind of face that stopped people in their tracks. Fu Zhi liked good-looking and wealthy people. Therefore, when Li Nanli looked at her with relaxed eyebrows, she thought that he looked really good.

She stretched her arm, but before her hand could reach its target, the expression on Li Nanli’s face suddenly changed and he grabbed her wrist in midair.

There was a series of emotions, subtle and conflicting ones, flowing behind his eyes.

“Zhizhi!” he called out to her.

Before his words could fade in the air, Fu Zhi’s hand landed on his cheek lightly.

Startled, he jerked backward. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down in his throat as his mind began to run wild.

After a long while, just as Fu Zhi thought he was not going to say anything, he averted his gaze and asked, “What are you doing?”

His eyelashes fluttered, and his voice was hoarse.

As she looked at the dead leaf on the collar of his shirt, Fu Zhi paused for a while before answering with purpose, “I just want to be nice to you.”

Li Nanli was stunned. He looked blankly at Fu Zhi as a confused expression dawned on his face.

Slowly, ever so slowly, his heart began to race. He nearly gave in to his inner demons and touched Fu Zhi’s wrist.

Fu Zhi did not know what was going on in his mind. She still remembered her purpose for going there. Thus, she looked straight into his eyes and said, “I’ll be nice to you, so you have to be nice to me too. Don’t forget to transfer the money that I received during the live streaming session to my savings account.”

The light in Li Nanli’s eyes dimmed, and he felt as if he had heard something break inside him.

His heartbeat slowly regained its normal pace with each passing second as he stared at Fu Zhi.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want your money.”

‘I just want you.’

Fu Zhi nodded. She rose to her feet and then fished a lollipop out of her pocket. She looked as if she was in a great mood as she said, “This is for you. Anyway, I’ve got to get going. See ya.”

Her wrist was fair, and her veins were visible. Before she left, as if he was moved by a strange force, he stretched his arm forward and grabbed her wrist, stopping her in her tracks.

The lollipop rolled across the table and fell on the floor, letting out a thud that quickly spread to every inch of the quiet study.

Fu Zhi hastily withdrew her hand from Li Nanli’s grip and said, “I have to go home. Also, Secretary Liu said someone is looking for you in the live stream room.”

Since Li Nanli was sitting on a chair, he was slightly shorter than her. He raised his head and said, “But I don’t want other people to see me. I belong to you alone, Zhizhi.”


Fu Zhi replied, “That will never happen. Stop having unrealistic dreams.”

It was 5:30 in the evening.

After Lu Chuwan collected all her stuff, she exited the classroom.

There was a man standing outside the examination hall. He was none other than Lu Ning’s husband, Dong Cun, who was there to pick Lu Chuwan up.

However, when he’d passed by the study earlier, he had looked through the window and realized Li Nanli was sitting inside.

His heart had nearly skipped a beat. He had known Li Nanli was there to run a check on No.1 High School, and he’d also heard that Li Nanli had fired the vice-principal and Mr. Xia because they had wrongly accused Fu Zhi. However, the incident regarding Fu Zhi was not a big deal, so he could not understand why Li Nanli would take the matter into his own hands.

At that moment, Fu Zhi emerged from the study.

This was the first time Dong Cun had come face to face with Fu Zhi, and he was really impressed by the latter’s good looks. It was only now that he realized why the Lu Family had taken Fu Zhi under its wings.

Lu Chuwan, who noticed Dong Cun’s gaze, bit her lips and walked up to him.

Dong Cun was feeling pretty great right now. “Have the school authorities given the spot back to you?” he asked.

“Nope,” Lu Chuwan answered as she shook her head. “Initially, President Li wanted to expel Fu Zhi, but she got lucky and answered a few questions, so they didn’t return the spot to me.”

Dong Cun had not watched the live streaming session. However, he had seen Fu Zhi’s profile before. It was the worst profile he had ever seen, so it could not be brought to the table.

After hearing what Lu Chuwan had said, he contemplated it for a while and then suggested, “Let me talk to her.”

He had to make sure that she was worth his investment.

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