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Chapter 152: I Want To Hold Her Hand

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The rumor about Fu Zhi had been proven false.

At the same time, Liu Mi seized this opportunity and uploaded the recording of Fu Zhi being bullied by her classmates to the live stream room.

All the netizens were stunned.

They had splurged nearly 2,000 yuan to teach Fu Zhi a lesson, so who had given this girl named Tian Nuo permission to push Fu Zhi’s table? Besides, how dare she act innocent, rally up a group of people, and accuse Fu Zhi of attempting to intimidate them? Just who the hell did she think she was?!

However, after they calmed down and contemplated this for a while, they realized that they’d also played a part in this incident. If they had not joined the fray without looking for the truth, things would not have developed to this point.

Right now, they had to face the music created by their own idiocy.

Fu Zhi had no idea what was going on with the netizens. She gathered up all her belongings while talking to Han Wei in a soft voice. “I’ve been pretty free lately, so remember to look for me if you have any questions, alright?”

Han Wei nodded solemnly.

Initially, everyone who had come to this live streaming session had despised Fu Zhi, as they had all thought she was a despicable person who took away other people’s chances. However, after everything had been cleared up, they’d realized that the young girl before their eyes was really adorable.

[Ahh! I can’t hold it anymore! Where can I get a cute young girl like her?]

[How can you guys bring yourselves to bully an adorable, harmless young girl like her? Please! It’s time to stop!]

[Honestly, her plutomanic behavior aside, she’s pretty nice. After all, if I had been bullied online, I would have gone mad and berserk already.]

[Not only is she pretty, but she is also very smart! The more I look at her, the more I like her! I want to follow her on Weibo!]

More and more people were becoming Fu Zhi’s fans. Even so, sometime in the near future, when a certain blockheaded student told his parents about Fu Zhi, she would become “the other child” that parents referred to. A lot of parents would compare her to their own children, causing her to become the nightmare of many high school students.

By the time Fu Zhi finished the questions, it was time to go home.

She packed her things up and prepared to go home.

Xu Wei walked up to her and took her bag. “What do you say we make sweet and sour pork today? Mama Zhang said the pork ribs she bought today look very fresh.”

Fu Zhi was not a picky eater. However, she remembered something and said, “I see that the ducklings in our house have grown up. I think it’s time to chop off their heads and make braised duck heads and spicy duck necks.”


Fu Zhi was stumped.

It had only been four months since the ducklings had come to their house. Xu Wei had spent a lot of time on them, not to mention that she liked them very much.

Xu Wei felt like she was a scale right now. On one side of her was her cute daughter, while on the other side were the ducklings she had raised since they were small. She was trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, and she did not know what she should do.

At the same time, while Liu Mi was doing the final wrap-up, a few bullet comments mentioned that they wanted to see President Li.

However, Liu Mi paid them no mind.

When Fu Zhi saw her nephew coming out of the classroom, she turned and told Xu Wei, “There’s someone I’d like to meet. Can you wait for me in the car?”

Xu Wei nodded absentmindedly, as she was thinking of ways to save her ducklings from their demise.

There was a closed study beside the examination hall.

Fu Zhi pushed the door open and saw Li Nanli sitting on a chair. He was holding an unlit cigarette between his two fingers, and the white shirt he was wearing made him look stoic.

The corners of his eyes were slightly lifted, and it seemed as if there was a pool of water in his eyes. When he noticed Fu Zhi, he turned his head and stared at her, running his eyes from the top of her head to her toes before finally stopping at her hands.

Her hands looked exceptionally beautiful, and he could barely suppress the urge to hold them, caress them, or tie them up with his tie.

As he was immersed in his own thoughts, the owner of the hands approached him. She was wearing her school uniform, and the blue-and-white color scheme was a stark contrast to her fair skin. Her face was small, and her neatly-arranged eyelashes cast a shadow over her eyes.

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