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Chapter 151: A Three-Bedroom Villa

As soon as Han Wei opened his WeChat QR code, he suddenly froze.

When he remembered his attitude toward Fu Zhi and the words that he had been about to say to her, his face turned red in embarrassment. This feeling became even more intense when he saw the indifferent expression on Fu Zhi’s face. Her gaze contained no emotion, and it was very apparent to him that she was against the suggestion of them adding each other on WeChat.

However, there were very few people who could solve this kind of mathematical problem in less than 20 minutes, and right now, the only person who could achieve such a feat was right before him. The more Han Wei thought about it, the more he wanted to add Fu Zhi on his WeChat.

Overwhelmed by this feeling, he shouted, “I can give you money! I’ll give you 1000x mermaids! I can give them to you right now!”

Everyone in the live streaming room was stunned.

[Have you forgotten who you are? You’re Han Wei! A professor at Tsinghua University! How can you be such an *ss-kisser?!]

[One million yuan! That isn’t one cent! Is a university professor so rich?]

[Han Wei, blink if you’re being forced to do this!]

There was no way Han Wei would do that, and his attitude had changed way too fast. One second earlier, he had still been antagonizing Fu Zhi, and a second later, he had become her supporter.

For a full minute, everyone’s screens were full of the mermaid effect.

Han Wei then proceeded to say in an ingratiating manner, “You see, Ms. Fu Zhi? I genuinely wish to be your friend. I have a few Mathematics and Physics questions that I can’t make heads or tails of, so I need your guidance.”

Fu Zhi went to the podium to retrieve her phone and then scanned the QR code that Han Wei had sent her.

After doing that, she said, “Well, both of us are researchers, so it’s only right for us to take care of each other.”

No netizen could sit still anymore.

[There is only money in this little b*tch’s eyes. How can you still call yourself a human? Doesn’t it prick your conscience?]

As they hurled one barrage of bullet comments after another at Fu Zhi, they opened up their savings accounts on their phones and began checking their balance.

How many zeros were there in a million?

If they picked up a job now, would they be able to earn enough money to add—no, to throw it at this little b*tch’s face before they died?

Fu Zhi had absolutely no idea how many people wanted to add her as their friend on WeChat because of her actions. She blinked and then fished a bag of milk candy out of her bunny bag.

Old Master Sun had just finished digesting Fu Zhi’s answer. When he saw what Han Wei had done, he decided to follow suit. With a grin plastered across his face, he went up to Fu Zhi and said, “Girl, I also have a WeChat ID. I have a few Physics questions that I don’t understand, so I wonder if you’d like to take on the challenge of these questions or not.”

Fu Zhi replied flatly with an emotionless face, “No.”

Old Master Sun was stumped. A confused expression dawned on his face, as he did not understand why Fu Zhi would treat him differently.

Perhaps the “why did you say yes to him but no to me” aura that Old Master Sun exuded was too thick, as Fu Zhi sighed and explained, “You’re different from him.”

Old Master Sun objected. “What’s the difference between us?”

“I can picture a three-bedroom villa when he acts and speaks.”

Old Master Sun was left speechless once more. ‘How could she treat me differently just because I’m poorer than him!’

Fu Zhi asked Liu Mi to close the contribution portal, as she had already found her cash cow—Han Wei. Besides, she had earned enough money from her haters.

Since she was a person who was content with what she had, she decided to close the contribution portal.

It had been 40 minutes since the live stream had started. Toward the end of the examination, only half of the students had answered all four questions correctly.

This was their best result.

Before the live stream had begun, all the netizens had aimed to teach Fu Zhi a lesson.

However, toward the end of the live streaming session, they’d finally realized that not only was Fu Zhi not a double-dealer, but she was a genius with an extremely high intellect level.

All of them had forgotten their intention for showing up in the live streaming session, as they just wanted to play with Fu Zhi’s pigtails right now.

As for the rumor that she was a double-dealer who was snatching away other people’s opportunities, it was nothing but a false claim.

After all, even a professor had acknowledged her ability, so there was no way she would need to use an immoral approach to get the slot from a bunch of kids who could not even answer the questions correctly.

It was just impossible!!!

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