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Chapter 150: The Ending Of A Giant – 2

[I’m not sure if this is right or not, but she has already written a page full of steps and equations. Judging from her speed, it seems to me that she really knows how to answer the question…]

[It has already been more than 10 minutes, and she hasn’t even finished one question yet! She’s just stalling. How can you guys not see that, huh? And why do you all still stand on her side?]

[Because they’re ghostwriters. They don’t know what’s right or wrong!]

Everyone in the live streaming room was aiming heaps of burning satire and freezing irony at Fu Zhi.

This situation continued until something incredible popped up on the screen.

[“Dawn-Galaxy” has contributed 1,000x mermaids to live streaming room 5211314.]

[“Mugen-Nine” has contributed 1,000x mermaids to live streaming room 5211314.]

[“Jiaxing-Gungnir” has contributed 1,000x mermaids to live streaming room 5211314.]

There was a total of 3,000 special effects in the shape of a mermaid flopping up and down on the screen. The army of mermaids left a stream of shiny stars and water waves in their wake, and the effects were spectacular.

Everyone in the live streaming room was stunned.

[What the???]

[Who the hell are they? Those mermaids cost nearly a million!]

[Hold on a second. These IDs look really familiar!]

With trembling fingers, all the netizens clicked on the three IDs’ main profiles.

Then, all of them were stunned. These three IDs were none other than the team captains of the three top teams in the mobile game “Honor”.

“Honor” was a mobile game that had become renowned as the most popular game in the past 8 years. Nearly 90% of the netizens in the live streaming room were fans of the top 8 teams of “Honor”.

The anti-fans who had been criticizing Fu Zhi could not come back to their senses. They did not know why the icons that they adored would suddenly show up in this live streaming room. Why would they support Fu Zhi? Did they know her? What was their relationship with her?

For a moment, a myriad of questions filled the netizens’ brains, and the live streaming room lapsed into silence.

The silence lasted a long while. After a few seconds that seemed like ages, someone finally came around and shattered the awkward silence.

[They definitely are not here for Fu Zhi. I’m sure they must be cooperating with the Li Corporation. After all, their influence is on par with the influence of some list celebrities in our country.]

[Nine from Team Mugen? I remember that he used to sleep around. Is that right? I’m guessing that Fu Zhi has slept with him before. That’s why now that she’s in trouble, he asked all his friends to come and help her. This is so disgusting that it makes me wanna puke!]

[??? Thank god I’m a fan of the other five teams!]

Meanwhile, Fu Zhi was answering the last part of the second question. There was no expression on her face, and she did not care about what the netizens were saying.

On the other side, Han Wei was watching Fu Zhi through the screen. He had an indifferent expression on his face, and truth be told, his main intention for coming into this live streaming room was to teach Fu Zhi a lesson. He did not expect her to know the answer to these questions at all. Just as he was about to say, “You don’t have to overexert yourself. Just admit it if…” his expression changed when saw the paper on the corner of Fu Zhi’s table, and he jerked up from the chair.

However, nobody noticed him, as their attention was once again attracted by the effect of the mermaids that covered their screen.

This time, it was the team leaders of the remaining five teams of the game “Honor”. Each of them had contributed 1000x mermaids to Fu Zhi, and one of them even commented, “A wise man doesn’t believe in rumors. I have full faith in Fu Zhi.”

This time, everyone was so shocked that it was as if the world was ending.

[Is this the life of the rich?]

[Just because they believe in her, they’re willing to splurge a large amount of money for her?]

[Why must they stand on Fu Zhi’s side?]

Han Wei then shouted, “Yes! This is the answer! Can you zoom in a little and raise the paper? I want to take a closer look! I especially want to look at the last few steps. It’s very important!”

Han Wei went closer to the camera and snapped a few photos with his phone. Then, he said excitedly, “Girl, do you have a WeChat account? Let’s add each other on WeChat! This way, we will be able to discuss questions and swim in the sea of knowledge together!”

Fu Zhi paid him no mind, as she was staring mindlessly at the contribution column.

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