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Chapter 148: Case Solved

As soon as they topped up, they began to shower Fu Zhi with gifts. A stream of rockets appeared in the live streaming room, causing the netizens that came late to enter a trance.

“Erm, guys? We’re here to give this little b*tch a lesson, remember? Why the hell are you guys giving her gifts instead?!”

Then, they clicked on the comments section and saw the comment that had been pinned at the top: “Ms. Fu’s Live Q&A Session: One rocket per question. Minimum: 6 questions at a time. This is a small business, and integrity is my top priority. I’ll answer your questions based on my mood, and no refunds will be granted. There will be a 3,000-yuan charge for each urgent request, and my prices are non-negotiable.”

[Small business, my *ss! Do you know how much a rocket costs? 1,200 yuan! You’re even worse than those game streamers!]

[You’re so full of yourself. Do you want me to show you who’s the boss here?]

Fu Zhi took a look at the bullet comments and then smiled at the camera to show her appreciation.

The netizens were speechless.

[What the hell was that for? Is she challenging us?]

[Wipe that smug grin off your face, you double-dealer!]

Right now, most of the netizens had a new understanding of Fu Zhi: She was pretty and greedy!

Fu Zhi was nothing like the other b*tchy coquettes out there. She had a style of her own.

[Very well, she’s playing with fire. She has no idea who she’s dealing with, but she’s managed to catch my attention!]

[I’ll see all of you at the Hillbillies Leaderboard!]

However, amongst this rain of gifts, most of the netizens noticed that Fu Zhi was pretty quick at answering the questions that they hurled at her. She did not even need to think, and it seemed as if she already knew the answer the moment she saw the question. What’s more, she would propose a few quick and clean solving steps when she was in a good mood.

It had merely been 10 minutes since the Q&A session had started, and she had answered more than 50 questions.

Liu Mi took a look at the amount of gifts, turned his head around, offered Fu Zhi a smile, and then said, “Ms. Fu Zhi, you’ve earned more than 600,000 yuan.”

The corners of Fu Zhi’s mouth curled up a little, and it was very apparent that she was feeling very good right now. “I guess that’s enough to buy my brother a diamond drawing board.”

Li Nanli, who had felt delighted the whole day after receiving five cents from Fu Zhi, fell in a downward spiral of self-doubt.

On the other side, all the netizens thought their ears had failed them when they heard Fu Zhi’s words.

[What the f*ck? Brother? Which brother? I’m the one who showered her with plenty of gifts, so why doesn’t she say thank you to me?]

[Another ‘the country owes me a sister’ series? Alright, I’m getting out of here!]

[What a great sister she is! Cameraman, zoom in on her! Don’t pay attention to other people! We must let everyone see our beautiful sister! I’ll order a drumstick for you for dinner tonight!]

[A 600,000-yuan drawing board? The life of the rich is really hard to understand.]

Fu Zhi answered a few more questions and then looked at Xu Wei, who was sitting not far away with her head held low.

As she was wondering what her mother was doing, a few notifications that made one’s eyes bulge in shock flashed across the live streaming room.

Weiwei123 has contributed x100 rockets, Qing has contributed x500 rockets, Shen has contributed x1,000 rockets, and “Kill the Sun” has contributed x2 rockets.

Fu Zhi knew they were her family when she saw their IDs.

She had earned enough money and she was hungry. She took another glance at the questions the netizens were throwing at her and sighed earnestly. “Is this all you’ve got?”

The group of netizens, who had gone all out to come up with questions for Fu Zhi, was left speechless. Just like Li Nanli, all of them were drowning in a downward spiral of self-doubt.

‘Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?’

Their brains were filled with these philosophical questions, and the live streaming room suddenly fell silent.

Fu Zhi felt like she was wasting her time.

For some netizens, this misunderstanding had basically been resolved.

God was never fair. Not only had he given Fu Zhi a good-looking face, but he had also given her a good family and a smart brain.

All the netizens were crying.

Before they could come back to their senses, someone issued an urgent request. Then, a strong, rather husky male voice rang out. “You’re saying that you can answer any question?”

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