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Chapter 149: The Ending Of A Giant – 1

The man connected to Fu Zhi’s live streaming room, and a square face appeared on the screen. He was wearing coarse linen clothes, and there were several blackboards covered with a mass of figures behind his back.

This man was Han Wei. He was a professor of Tsinghua University’s Mathematics Department, and there was a letter “V” on the bottom right corner of his account.

The moment everyone realized who he was, the entire live streaming room descended into chaos and a barrage of bullet comments filled the screen.

[Han Wei? Isn’t he the freak who refused to admit his mistake during a media interview after causing all the students in the department to fail the examination because the questions he had set were too tough?]

“I have two questions right now. They are not Physics questions but Mathematics questions. I discussed them with other professors, but none of us could make heads or tails of them. Do you think you can answer them? If possible, please show all the steps in detail.”

[???? No, no, no, there’s no way she could answer these questions!]

[You’re a grown man. How can you come here and bully a little girl? Let’s go, Zhizhi. There’s no need to pay attention to what he said!]

[People always say that birds of a feather flock together. The quality of Fu Zhi’s supporters has really opened my eyes. Is that how you talk to someone much older than you? That’s it, I’ve had enough of this stunt. I’m getting out of here.]

[If she can’t answer Mr. Han’s questions, that will mean she’s a double-dealer! Disgusting! Fu Zhi is such a b*tch!]

[Well, I just came back from Baidu. Let me tell you guys what I found. Han Wei, who is 48 years old, was admitted into Tsinghua University at the age of 12 and is an internationally-renowned mathematician. If he doesn’t know how to answer those two questions, then how can you expect Fu Zhi to know? Can you all be a little sensible?]

The argument turned the comments section into chaos.

The staff handed Liu Mi the phone, and Liu Mi was genuinely distressed by what was happening right now. Just as he started wondering how he could reject Han Wei’s suggestion in style, a voice wafted over from behind his back. “Yes, I can do it.”

Liu Mi was shocked. ‘No, you can’t do it!’

On the other side of the screen, Han Wei frowned. Old Master Sun was the main reason he had come to the live streaming room. However, upon seeing how arrogant Fu Zhi was after answering a few Physics questions correctly, he’d felt the need to come in and take the edge off her spirit.

After he established a connection with Fu Zhi, his fans began to swarm into the live streaming room.

[Is she mad or something? I don’t know where she gets the confidence to make such a bold promise. Is she not afraid of embarrassing herself in front of everyone?]

Han Wei took a look at Old Master Sun, but the latter paid him no mind, as he was busy looking at Fu Zhi’s solving steps.

Han Wei pulled a blackboard from behind his back and said flatly, “These two questions were extracted from the national mathematics competition last month. I’ve discussed them with other professors, and we’re on the verge of answering them. You better…”

“Alright. Enough talking.” Fu Zhi interrupted him. “If you don’t know how to answer the questions, just admit it. You don’t have to talk so much.”

Han Wei was stumped.

‘Well, but I… Alright, I don’t know how to answer the questions.’

Embarrassed, Han Wei threw himself on a chair beside him. He did not want to say anything else, and he wanted to see how Fu Zhi was going to answer the questions.

After all, she was really young and she needed to be taught a lesson.

On the other side, Xu Wei felt nervous when she saw the comments about Han Wei. She clutched her hand tightly and pulled out a piece of paper as she thought, ‘No, I must not let my daughter shoulder this alone! I have to help her!’

However, five minutes later, Fu Zhi had already answered half of the questions, yet Xu Wei was still staring blankly at her paper.

‘Hmm? Why can’t I understand a thing?’

The questions were from the national mathematics competition, so they were without a doubt on a different level than the questions made up by the netizens on the spot.

As a result, when Fu Zhi finished both questions within 10 minutes, agitation began to spread among the netizens.

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