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Chapter 147: It Is Time To Fight Back – 2

The live streaming market in China was flourishing rapidly, and there were plenty of beauties in the industry.

The live streaming platforms never lacked pretty women. Even though there were more than 1,000 ways to change one’s physical appearance, one’s nature was a different case. A beauty like Fu Zhi, who not only had a pretty face but also great charisma, was something one could not see every day.

After seeing Fu Zhi’s true appearance, most netizens began to change sides. That said, there was also a small group of people who remained firm on their stance.

They bombarded the screen with many hate-filled comments.

[Hey dude, how much did they pay you to say that? Give me their contact number and let’s make money together.]

[She doesn’t look that beautiful to me at all. I’m sure she must have done a lot to her face. No matter what you guys say, she will never be forgiven for what she did!]

[Has she answered the questions? How can you guys forgive her so soon? Are you all idiots???]

Fu Zhi could not see the comments on the internet. She scanned through the questions and found out that they were pretty easy to answer. She picked up her pencil and symbolically wrote down two solving steps.

To prevent cheating and to also remove the luck element, Old Master Sun had made the questions very straightforward.

It took Fu Zhi no more than 10 minutes to finish all the questions, and Old Master Sun was shocked.

He approached Fu Zhi and was even more shocked when he saw that she had answered all the questions correctly. After all, Li Nanli had told him beforehand to go all out on these students, so all the questions he had set were close to the level of the national Physics competition. It was not an easy task to finish the entire paper, especially to answer the last question. It required more than thinking to come up with a solution, yet Fu Zhi had gotten everything right?!

“Hey girl, can you explain to me how you answered the last question? The way you answered this question is different from the example given in the textbook, and you skipped plenty of steps. I don’t quite understand, especially this part… How did you get the square root of 13?” Old Master Sun grabbed Fu Zhi’s hand and asked her questions excitedly, confusing the rest of the students and netizens.


“What did you just say?”

“Why are you asking her how she answered the question, huh? You’re the professor here!”

It took quite a long while for them to come back to their senses. The netizens began typing away on their keyboards, and several bullet comments flitted across the screen.

[I don’t know what you guys think, but the way Old Master Sun reacted seems fake to me.]

[The other students haven’t even answered one question yet, so how is there any chance Fu Zhi could have finished the paper so fast?]

[This is fake, right? Has she paid Old Master Sun to put on a show in front of us as well?]

Fu Zhao had just calmed down. Just as he was savoring the beauty of his daughter through the live stream, he saw the bullet comments and his expression turned dark.

‘Put on a show? Given my daughter’s IQ, would she need to do that?’

Then, Fu Zhao replied, “Don’t just hide behind your computer. Be a man and let’s meet up in real life. I’m going to kick your *ss!”

Another bullet comment came. [Wow, what a bossy president. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, are you Fu Zhao? The ex-president of the Fu Corporation?]

[Oh my goodness. I’m laughing so hard that I can’t keep a straight face. Seriously? Do you really think someone like Fu Zhao would come here to support Fu Zhi? Just who do you think she is?]

However, these two bullet comments were soon drowned by other comments.

Fu Zhi cocked her head slightly and took a look at the bullet comments.

‘Why are they all so hard to please?’

Then, she asked, “What do you guys want?”

[What do we want? Hah, I don’t believe you can finish four questions in under 10 minutes.]

[How about this? We’ll set the questions, and you’ll have to answer them on the spot. If you answer our questions, we’ll believe you!]


‘They want me to answer their questions? Very well then.’

Fu Zhi then pointed at the “top-up” button on the bottom right corner and said, “One rocket per question. Whoever gives me a rocket, I’ll answer his or her question.”

The netizens were stumped.

[What the hell? Are you sure this is the right attitude? Do you really want money so much?]

[Hmph! There’s no way we will fall for your materialistic trap!]

As they scolded her, they opened the top-up portal.

‘You want a rocket? Very well then, a rocket it is! As long as we can pull you off your glory seat, we will give you as many as you want!’

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