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Chapter 146: It Is Time To Fight Back – 1

The official Weibo account of the Li Corporation announced that they would be having a live stream on the Twitch App soon.

The live stream would start at 4.00 p.m. on the dot, and there was a sudden influx of Li Corporation fans and netizens in the live stream room.

Everyone knew about the stuff going on Weibo recently. All of them were indignant at Fu Zhi’s outrageous behavior and reckoned that she was an ugly wretch with an evil heart before watching the live stream.

Therefore, all of them began to shower Fu Zhi with all sorts of harsh language before the live stream started.

“Why bother having a live stream, huh? You should’ve just expelled her from the school for good!”

“Just because her family is rich, you guys are helping an ugly b*tch like her whitewash everything she has done?!”

“You’re basically destroying yourselves!”

“It takes one wrong move to bring down a nation, and the Li Corporation is definitely going downhill!”

“Expel Fu Zhi from No.1 High School! Give me a thumbs-up if you agree with me!”

Suddenly, the camera flickered, and the first thing to appear on the live stream was a hand.

Li Nanli took a seat in Fu Zhi’s place. To emphasize that they were being impartial, other than Fu Zhi, the top 37 students of the school also joined the live stream.

Bullet comments continued to fill the screen. Liu Mi then announced, “Today, we have here with us the vice-president of the Chinese Physical Society, Old Master Sun. He was once…”

Liu Mi briefly introduced Old Master Sun and his achievements. He was an influential figure who had made plenty of contributions to the country, so he had every right to oversee this trial. Besides, this was also the best and easiest way to crush those rumors.

Old Master Sun came up with four questions. He took a look at his watch before looking at Fu Zhi. Then, he said, “I’ll give you one hour. I think that’s enough for you to answer the questions.”


Everybody said yes, and the examination started.

Li Nanli browsed through his phone, looking bored, before something inside the desk captured his attention. Inside Fu Zhi’s desk, other than her textbooks, were many pink envelopes.

He glanced through those envelopes and his expression turned dark.

Those envelopes contained love letters, but fortunately, Fu Zhi had not opened them up.

‘How dare they give love letters to Zhizhi? This is such a bad influence!’

With that thought in mind, he turned to Liu Mi and ordered him, “Keep these love letters. We’re going to show them to the parents of these students during the next parent meeting.”

Liu Mi was speechless.

When the camera moved to zoom in on the students, it captured Old Master Sun’s questions. A swarm of bullet comments instantly filled the screen.

[Jeez, these questions are tough. I’m a college student and I can’t understand anything!]

[Fu Zhi must be thinking: Even though I’m the worst person alive, you’re even worse than me, Old Master Sun.]

[Woah, I wonder how Fu Zhi is going to answer these questions. If you ask me, considering her outrageous behavior, she really deserves to be bullied online…]

[I heard that the family that took Fu Zhi in is a prestigious family in Yu City. Even if she’s expelled from the school, she’ll remain the daughter of a rich family. It doesn’t really matter to them whether she continues her studies or not. They can just send her overseas. After all, they’re rich.]

For a second, the comments section descended into chaos, as everyone began to share their thoughts and opinions. This chaotic situation continued until the camera zeroed in on Fu Zhi.

Everyone fell silent when the delicate-looking young girl appeared on their screens. The young girl was wearing a plain blue school uniform. Her body was slender, and because she was sitting with her legs crossed, everyone could see a short section of her ankle.

She was holding a pencil, and her beautiful eyes were half-closed. Her skin was fair as a baby’s, and her features were so impeccable that she looked more beautiful than other women, even though she was not wearing any makeup. When they zoomed in on the screen, they could faintly see the hair on her ears.

Everyone was stunned. They had not expected Fu Zhi to be this good-looking at all.

She looked as harmless as a lamb, so how was there any chance she would do something so evil?

They did not believe it! There had to be some kind of misunderstanding!

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