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Chapter 113: Stay In The Ancestral Hall For A While

Madam Lu stared at Fu Zhi in disbelief as she shook her head. “Madness! This is madness!”

In her opinion, no one would say something as heinous as that.

Xu Wei’s face turned pale as well. She went forward and attempted to close her daughter’s mouth, but she was too late.

Right now, she did not know if she should sympathize with Madam Lu or her daughter. The former’s days were numbered, while the latter had to kneel in the ancestral hall.

“Mom, this is just a misunderstanding,” Xu Wei said, her eyes turning red around the rims.

As for what kind of misunderstanding it was, well, it was time for some brainstorming.

“Misunderstanding? There’s no misunderstanding. She just wants me dead! Take her away! What are you still waiting for, Mama Liu? Hurry up and take her to the ancestral hall!”

Madam Lu felt that even if she had not already been ill, she would certainly have gotten ill after spending time with Fu Zhi and Xu Wei.

Xu Wei pulled her daughter away and said, “No! Mom, the ancestral hall is too cold. There’s no way Zhizhi could stand it! Please let me, Jingqing, or Yumo replace her.”

“How dare you still beg on her behalf?” Madam Liu got even angrier. “Three days! You will give no food to her and you won’t let her out until the third day!”

Xu Wei wanted to say something again. However, before she could open her mouth, an indifferent voice rang out behind her back.

“According to the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor, the heart, the Qi of our five organs, is closely related to our skin. If the skin turns brownish, it means the patient’s days are numbered.”

Even though no one in the room understood what she was saying, Fu Zhi did not mind. She turned around, patted Xu Wei’s hand, and comforted her. “Being angry will only accelerate death, so don’t make her angry. Since things have developed to this point, we should grant all her wishes and demands. I’ll go stay in the ancestral hall for a while.”

Madam Lu frowned. She had no idea why, but Fu Zhi made it sound like her death was inevitable, so she was going to fulfill all her wishes and demands before she died.

Initially, Madam Lu had asked Fu Zhi to kneel in the ancestral hall to punish her for her improper behavior, but right now, she did not know if this decision was right or wrong.

She patted her chest, as she felt pain in her chest again. Her blood and Qi began to throw a tantrum inside of her, and she had the irresistible urge to vomit blood once more.

Fu Zhi glanced knowingly at her.

Lu Chuwan could not stand her gaze anymore and said sternly, “Did you not hear what grandma said, Mama Liu? Take her to the ancestral hall right away!”

“Ah? Okay…”

It was only then that Mama Liu composed herself and looked at Fu Zhi.

The young girl before her had not moved since the beginning. She just stood there in the living room, her legs slender and fair, and she looked relaxed.

Mama Liu had seen many people before in her life, but she had never seen someone with the same qualities as Fu Zhi. She looked like high-quality jade that was meticulously polished by a noble family. She was elegant, and even Lu Chuwan could not be compared to her.

She did not seem like a kid from the countryside.

She was loyal to Madam Lu, but she did not dare take Fu Zhi down either.

The silver lining was that Fu Zhi did not make things difficult for her. “Lead the way,” she murmured before following Mama Liu to the ancestral hall.

Xu Wei could not read her daughter’s mind. After she sent text messages to Lu Jingqing and Lu Yumo, she went to ask Madam Lu for forgiveness.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon. Madam Lu felt a lot better, so she decided to take a short nap after she took the medicine.

However, before the medicine could take effect, she felt tightness in her chest and she vomited blood again.

This time, the blood was bright red in color and looked gruesome.

Before Lu Chuwan could ask anything, Madam Lu started spasming.

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