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Chapter 114: Zhizhi, I’ve Come To Save You!

“What, what happened? Why is she vomiting blood again?”

Bai Yao did not have any time to react before she was stunned by the scene before her eyes.

Madam Lu’s condition should’ve gotten better. She had no idea why Madam Lu would suddenly end up like this. She was foaming at the mouth, and blood was streaming out of her nostrils. This did not seem normal to her at all.

Xu Wei was the first one to come back to her senses. She shouted, “Call an ambulance! Hurry!”

Mama Liu chimed in, “Dr. Liang has returned home from abroad. Should we call him instead?”

It was only then that Xu Wei went to call Dr. Liang.

While holding the bowl of medicine in her hand, Lu Chuwan fell into a trance beside the bed. Initially, she’d wanted to feed the medicine to Madam Lu, but right now, she did not know if she should insist on giving the medicine to her or not.

There was only one thought in her head right now. ‘If something happened to grandma, would it be my fault or Fu Zhi’s fault?’

Right now, Madam Lu was tossing and turning on the bed in pain. Everyone in the Lu Household was thrown into chaos.

Suddenly, Xu Wei said, “Mom, you should know best what it felt like after taking Zhizhi’s medicine. You shouldn’t have taken two different kinds of medicine at the same time. You brought all this upon yourself.”

Madam Lu could not say anything else. She felt pain all over her body. She was the victim, so how could Xu Wei say she had brought this upon herself?

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but blood came out instead. Nobody dared to get close to her in her current condition.

“Ma’am, this medicine…”

Mama Liu, who was standing at the door with Lu Chuwan’s medicine in her hand, did not know what to do right now.

She did not know if she should give the medicine to Madam Lu or throw it away.

Xu Wei snarled, “How can you give this medicine to mom at a time like this? Where did mom put the medicine that Zhizhi gave her?”

The medicine was inside the drawer beside the bed. However, considering Madam Lu’s current condition, none of them could be sure if the medicine would still work or not.

Lu Chuwan stepped forward. “Grandma vomited blood the first time because she took Fu Zhi’s medicine. There must be something wrong with her prescription!”

Lu Chuwan still had more confidence in Dr. Ma’s prescription than in Fu Zhi’s supplement.

Only Madam Lu could make the decision now.

“Give… Give me Fu Zhi’s…”

She was having a hard time speaking, but everyone knew that she wanted to take the medicine that Fu Zhi had prescribed.

The reason was simple. Even though she had vomited blood after taking Fu Zhi’s medicine, she had not felt as terrible as she was feeling right now. Lu Chuwan’s medicine was different.

After taking Lu Chuwan’s medicine, she had only been relieved of her discomfort for a short moment before her condition had taken a nosedive. She felt as if all the lifeforce had been sucked out of her body, and the pain she was experiencing right now was something that she had never felt in her life before.

The things that Fu Zhi had said earlier slowly entered her head again. It was only now that she realized she had wronged Fu Zhi.

She was a patient, so she wished for nothing but a healthy body. Dr. Ma’s prescription had proved to be ineffective. Right now, the only things that could help calm her down were Fu Zhi’s medicine and her calm eyes.

The pain in her chest was growing with every passing second. She felt as if there was an invisible hand clutching her heart, and she was sweating profusely from the pain.

At the moment, she did not care even if she died after taking Fu Zhi’s medicine. She could not take the pain anymore, so she just wanted to be freed from this torment.

In the Lu Household’s ancestral hall…

Fu Zhi was sitting on a wooden chair. To show her respect for the ancestors, she was not playing with her phone. Therefore, she did not know that someone had been calling her.

Her eyes fell on the scroll of the imperial edict on top of the hall and stared at it for a long time.

She was so absorbed into it that she did not realize someone had come. It was only when a small pebble hit her feet that she came back to her senses. She turned her head and saw Lu Yumo, who was standing on top of the courtyard wall.

The young man grinned like a Chesire cat when Fu Zhi finally noticed him. After a short while, as if he’d remembered something, he pulled a face and asked, “Are you alright? Did they beat you?”

Fu Zhi shook her head.

“What a relief. Don’t worry, I’ve come to save you!” Lu Yumo said in a low voice as he pointed at the bottom of the wall. “Zhizhi, there’s a hole below the wall. You go through that hole, and I’ll take you away from here!”

Fu Zhi was left speechless.

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