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Chapter 112: You’re Dying

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Bai Yao wiped Madam Lu’s body with a wet towel.

“Mom, you have to put this incident down to experience. If something happens to you after you take Fu Zhi’s medicine, this family will be ruined!”

“Yeah, madam. This is unforgivable. You’ve got to talk to her,” Mama Liu chimed in nervously.

Madam Lu held Lu Chuwan’s hand tightly.

She was at an age when she should enjoy the happiness of natural relationships in the bosom of one’s family. She had not expected that Fu Zhi’s medicine would put her in such a critical condition. She said, “I’m a kind person. Now that Wanwan has found the right medicine to cure me, I won’t send Fu Zhi back to the orphanage or punish her. However…”

Madam Lu took a breath and said in a stern voice, “You must go and summon her here. I want her to kneel in the ancestral hall for three days.”

She knew very well that Xu Wei put Fu Zhi’s well-being above everything else. She took great care of her daughter, as though she was taking care of a severely-handicapped individual. If her daughter was beaten or kicked out by their family, Madam Lu was certain that she would complain to Lu Jingqing. Lu Jingqing was the most capable amongst his brothers, not to mention that he was rebellious. If that happened, their family would descend into chaos.

When Xu Wei brought Fu Zhi to the household, Bai Yao was the first one to stand up and snarl at Fu Zhi. “Didn’t you say that my mother would get better after taking your medicine? Do you know what happened this afternoon? She vomited blood in her room! Why did you have to do this? Is it because she isn’t your grandmother, so you just don’t care?”

Lu Chuwan added, “My mom’s right. Fu Zhi, this is all your fault. If I hadn’t given grandma Dr. Ma’s medicine in the nick of time, grandma could have… She could have died!”

Xu Wei, who had a basic grasp of the whole incident, frowned and said, “The medicine was requested by mom. I had already told her the things she needed to be wary of after taking the medicine, so she knew she could vomit blood or have a high fever. How could you guys say something like that to Zhizhi?”

Xu Wei felt angry. Fu Zhi wanted her grandmother to recuperate as well, but Bai Yao and Lu Chuwan made it look like she had been trying to kill her grandmother.

Fu Zhi glanced at Lu Chuwan and replied, “All kinds of medicine require a certain process. She’s fine right now, which means—”

“Of course I’m fine right now!” Madam Lu interjected as she emerged from her room with the help of Mama Liu. “It’s all thanks to Wanwan. Otherwise, do you think I’d still be standing here and talking to you right now?”

She did not mention that she had asked Fu Zhi for the medicine herself.

Fu Zhi frowned. She noticed that Madam Lu’s skin had turned slightly brownish and there were two dark circles around her eyes. She said, “You took Yin medicine?”

Even though she was asking a question, her tone was firm.

Madam Lu’s heart somersaulted beneath her ribs when she heard Fu Zhi’s question.

‘How does she know what I’ve taken with a single glance? She isn’t a doctor or anything.’

She fell into a trance and forgot what she’d wanted to say to Fu Zhi. Upon looking at her grandmother, Lu Chuwan chimed in, “That saved grandma’s life. Fu Zhi, you have to be responsible for your actions.”

Lu Chuwan gave Mama Liu a signal, asking her to take Fu Zhi to kneel in the ancestral hall.

Xu Wei pleaded. “Mom!”

However, Madam Lu paid her no heed. She looked straight at Fu Zhi and said sternly, “You will kneel in the ancestral hall for three days and copy Buddha scriptures to cleanse your soul.”

This was her final decision.

Xu Wei walked over to Fu Zhi. She compared her body size to Mama Liu’s body size. Mama Liu looked like a small hill in front of her, and she knew she could not beat her.

Therefore, she took a step back and tried to reason with her.

In the living room, Madam Lu was still complaining. “She doesn’t have any medical skills, and yet…”

“Silence!” Fu Zhi interjected forcefully. There was a serious expression etched on her face, as if something big had happened.

‘What, what happened?’

Madam Lu’s heart skipped a beat as she subconsciously held her breath.

Then, she heard Fu Zhi say, “Save your breath. You’re dying.”

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