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Chapter 111: I Don’t Feel Sick Anymore

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Lu Chuwan’s face lost all color as she shouted, “Grandma!”

Madam Lu’s cheeks were unnaturally red. She opened her mouth and began vomiting again.

Lu Chuwan was startled when she saw the pool of black blood, but she soon calmed herself down. She turned to Bai Wei and said, “Mom, hurry up and call Dr. Liang!”

Dr. Liang was the Lu Family’s family doctor. He was an excellent doctor that had just returned yesterday after attending a seminar abroad.

With Mama Liu’s help, Lu Chuwan carried Madam Lu back to her bed. Madam Lu’s body was boiling hot, and she was sweating profusely.

“I told you! She’s just a poor kid from the countryside! There’s no way she’d have the money to buy a nice branded supplement!” Bai Yao was so anxious that she felt as if there were ants in her pants. “Mom, can you hear me? How do you feel right now?”

“My chest… It hurts…”

Madam Lu was feeling terrible right now. She had stopped vomiting, but her condition had not gotten better at all. Her chest hurt, she felt dizzy, and she had a hard time breathing.

She recalled the things Xu Wei had told her when she’d brought her the medicine. According to Fu Zhi, she might vomit black blood to expel the toxins in her body, get a high fever, or sweat profusely after she took the medicine for about half a month.

However, this was something that exceeded her expectations.

“Where is Dr. Liang? Why hasn’t he come yet?” Bai Yao shouted at Mama Liu.

“Dr. Liang said he’s on the way. He told us not to move Madam Lu anymore.”

Whenever Madam Lu had a heart attack, it would be accompanied by shortness of breath. Lu Chuwan figured that the root problem had to be her heart issue.

She ordered Mama Liu to bring the medicine from the fridge.

Fu Zhi had said before that her medicine could not be taken in combination with Yin Chinese medicine, and when it came to traditional Chinese medicine, things would go really bad if the patient did not follow the instructions or take their medicine properly.

Bai Yao knew this, so she was a little bit worried. “Will this work? Why don’t we wait for Dr. Liang first?”

If what Fu Zhi had said was the truth, it would be like adding fuel to the fire if Madam Lu really took the medicine. She did not want her daughter to take the risk.

“But grandma is in pain right now. I asked the doctors already. They said the medicine won’t have any adverse effect on the patient.”

Besides, it had been three hours since Madam Lu had taken Fu Zhi’s medicine, so her body should have finished digesting it.

Lu Chuwan glanced at Bai Yao and added, “Plus, Dr. Ma already said that his prescription will not clash with other supplements. He is an experienced doctor who has saved many lives. What is Fu Zhi? She’s just a little girl. She doesn’t know anything about medicine, so you should trust Dr. Ma.”

Traditional Chinese medicine was broad and profound. The older the doctor, the fewer mistakes they would make compared to younger ones.

Bai Yao thought a while and nodded.

Madam Lu felt like she had plunged into an abyss of misery. She felt that her illness was serious, and only a prestigious doctor from the capitol could save her.

“Grandma, don’t be so stubborn. You have to take the medicine, or you won’t get better,” Lu Chuwan said as she handed the medicine to her. “I’m your granddaughter. Many people have taken this prescription before, and all of them said it’s very good at relieving pain. Do you think I would hurt you?”

Madam Lu felt pain all over her body. In her chest, in her head… She suddenly began to waver.

Lu Chuwan’s eyes shone as she fed the medicine to her.

Madam Lu was still groaning in pain after she took the medicine. However, after five minutes, the redness on her cheeks faded away and her pain was soon gone as well.

Bai Yao observed her from the side and let out a sigh. “Thank god, mom. Yaoyao’s medicine worked. Otherwise…”

Madam Lu nodded as well. “Yeah, I don’t feel sick anymore.”

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