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Chapter 964: Courting Death!

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After Chu Liuyue said that, her figure jumped up and entered through the opening.

When her figure completely disappeared within, she raised her wrist and retracted the burning red fire.

Without the strength to restrain it, the opening quickly closed, and the barrier recovered its original appearance!

“Hey, this—” Gongsun Xiao widened his eyes and opened his mouth as disappointment flashed across his eyes. I still wanted to see if I had a chance to enter! I didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to be so harsh and not give us any leeway.

Dantai Chen lightly grunted. “Senior Gongsun, that Shangguan Yue is originally very petty. You can’t count on her!”

Gongsun Xiao’s expression looked awkward.

“She opened the barrier herself. Isn’t it her choice to do whatever she wants with it?” said Ning Yuan suddenly, his tone cold. “Just now, none of us present went up to help her. It’s normal that she doesn’t want to help us.”

Gongsun Xiao swallowed the words in his throat. This Ning Yuan is a very traditional person, and it’s hard to talk logic to him, but he is very strong. Also, the Dongning Dynasty is only a little weaker than the Beiming Dynasty. Unless I have to, I also don’t want to offend him. Since things have already ended up in this state, there is no need to continue arguing, lest I offend another one.

Seeing that he couldn’t stir up trouble, Dantai Chen felt very indignant.

Like Gongsun Xiao, he didn’t want to go against Ning Yuan directly, so he could only swallow his anger.

The surroundings fell silent again, but everyone wasn’t as calm as they seemed.

Originally, only five people from every dynasty entered. But with Shangguan Yue entering, it was another one! The key point was that her capabilities were obviously much stronger than they had predicted!

Once she joined them, it would definitely elevate the Tianling Dynasty’s combat power greatly!

Dantai Chen closed his eyes. Now, I can only hope that the rest from the Tianling Dynasty have already been settled… This way, even another Shangguan Yue won’t help matters!

Chu Liuyue passed through the barrier and entered Ancient Phoenix Mountain.

When she came in earlier, she immediately felt that the Heaven and Earth Force was very intense! It was almost three-fold denser than outside!

Looking ahead, the mountains were high and low as a long green river extended from the mountains.

It was truly a beautiful lake with charming scenery.

Other than this, one could still vaguely hear the crisp chirps from the birds and occasionally see fiends passing by.

All in all, it looked like a very energetic and lively scene.

This Ancient Phoenix Mountain was worthy of being treated as a holy mountain by the Beiming Dynasty, and it was indeed very rare to have the chance to cultivate in such an environment. But at this point, Chu Liuyue had no mood to admire all of this.

She raised her wrist and glanced at the golden bells to try to locate their auras. Then, she realized that the golden bells actually pointed in two directions!

This meant that the five of them were actually separated!

Chu Liuyue was even more worried, and she knitted her brows tightly.

Before they entered, I had already instructed the few of them to move together if possible. All five golden bells are crushed now, but the few of them have separated and are at two different locations! The situation might be even worse than I had expected!

If I haven’t guessed wrongly, Jian Fengchi and Qiang Wanzhou are on the left, while Mu Hongyu’s group of three is on the right.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and chose to go right! Other than the golden bell, Qiang Wanzhou still has the whistle that Mentor gave him previously. Since he hasn’t blown the whistle, it means that there is still a tinge of hope left. Besides, he and Jian Fengchi aren’t weak, which makes me feel slightly more assured. The situation of Mu Hongyu’s group of three might be even more alarming!

Then, Chu Liuyue yelled, “Tuan Zi!”


A red figure gradually appeared before her! Its gigantic wings spread, and its suppression was strong!

Chu Liuyue leaped up and jumped onto Tuan Zi’s back. “Let’s go!”

In the middle of some rocks in Ancient Phoenix Mountain.

Mu Hongyu’s trio was resting behind a gigantic stone. Though it was called resting, it wasn’t that relaxing.

At this moment, all three of them were in very bad conditions.

Wu Ming was severely injured and had fainted, and Yuwen Jinghong was covered in blood. Mu Hongyu was the least injured, but this was mostly due to her special physique that allowed her to dodge quickly. If not, she would’ve ended up like Wu Ming.

“Are there still any pills?” asked Mu Hongyu as she wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth.

Yuwen Jinghong leaned against the rock as he shook his head with a pale face. “N-no… Before we came, I only prepared this many… We’ve already finished using all of them…”

Mu Hongyu bit her lips. “But Wu Ming can’t hold on much longer…”

If it weren’t for him saving them both earlier, Wu Ming wouldn’t be so severely injured.

These few days, they kept using the pills to extend his life, but they had now run out of pills. The two weren’t heavenly doctors either, so they could only watch on as his aura became weaker and weaker.

This was also undoubtedly torturous to the two of them.

Yuwen Jinghong laughed bitterly, and his face was filled with hopelessness and helplessness. “The three golden bells of ours were continuously crushed, but the two of them still haven’t come until now. They must’ve met with dangers of their own…”

As the three of them had crushed their golden bells first, they didn’t know about the situation on the side of Jian Fengchi’s group of two.

They didn’t know that the two of them had actually crushed their golden bells as well.

This made the two of them fall silent. If nobody comes until the end… Wu Ming can’t hold on for much longer, and the two of us won’t be any better…

“How long has it been since we entered? It’s only been six days, right?” said Mu Hongyu suddenly. She muttered in a daze, “…If only Liuyue was here…”

If she were here, she would definitely have a way.

Yuwen Jinghong laughed bitterly again. Ancient Phoenix Mountain will only open again nine days later. How would Chu Liuyue come in from the outside now? We might not even be able to last until then.

“If Liuyue were here, she would definitely be able to deal with all of them!” said Mu Hongyu indignantly and furiously.

“Oh, who are you talking about?” Suddenly, laughter filled with contempt sounded.

Mu Hongyu and Yuwen Jinghong were both stunned, and they suddenly raised their heads.

They saw a group of people walking out from the forest not far away—it was Dantai Ruoli and the rest!

After continuously battling for so many days and being severely injured, Mu Hongyu and Yuwen Jinghong’s defenses were already at their lowest. Hence, they only reacted when the other party was right in front of them!

“You’re like a pesky ghost!” Mu Hongyu suddenly stood up and went in front. “You have already chased after us and tried to kill us for so many days! What exactly do you want to do?”

“Didn’t you already say it? We’re naturally here to chase and kill you.” Dantai Ruoli laughed lightly as a cold and sinister glow flashed across her eyes. “Previously, I couldn’t tell that you actually had the rare Faint Yuan Body that only appears once in a thousand years… It’s such a pity that you’ll be destroyed like this! If you want to blame somebody, blame your Shangguan Yue for offending someone she shouldn’t have!”

Then, she raised her palm and pushed it forward! “Die!”

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