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Chapter 965: You Can’t Say Some Words Wilfully

“Congcong!” hollered Mu Hongyu.

A golden mane bear cub immediately appeared before her and ran toward that palm’s force!

The golden mane bear cub had already grown up by now, so its size was similar to an adult golden mane bear. Its abilities were also much stronger than before.

It ran forward step by step, and the ground started shaking with it. The next moment, it directly used its physique to strike against that force harshly!


That wave of force instantly dissipated as Congcong’s body flew backward and landed on the ground harshly. Its brown fur that faintly glowed with golden light was stained with spots of blood.

“Congcong!” Mu Hongyu’s heart seemed to be tightly gripped!

“Golden mane bear?” Dantai Ruoli looked at it closely and immediately chuckled. “I thought it was some high-level fiend! You dare to present such a golden mane bear?”

Tears welled up in Mu Hongyu’s eyes as she clenched her teeth and rushed over.

Congcong had collided with a sharp rock, and a long wound was slashed across its body, looking very terrifying.

Mu Hongyu’s hands were trembling slightly. She wanted to carry Congcong, but she didn’t know where to begin.

Yuwen Jinghong limped over, and his face was flushed red with anger. “Aren’t you afraid of other people knowing about your despicable acts?!”

It should’ve been a fair competition after everyone entered Ancient Phoenix Mountain. But after these people from the Taiyu Dynasty came in, they started chasing after us incessantly! It’s as if they won’t stop until we have died!

“You don’t have to worry about this.” At the side, Yu Zefeng laughed lightly. “As long as you stay here forever, who would know about any of this?”

Yuwen Jinghong’s heart completely sank! These people are so arrogant and don’t bother hiding themselves at all, which shows that they are bent on killing us!

The other party had five people, while they only had three—with one unconscious and two severely injured. How could they win against them?

Actually, everyone was separated after they entered.

The three of them found each other using the golden bell and planned to rendezvous with Jian Fengchi and Qiang Wanzhou, but they didn’t expect someone to throw a wrench in the works as the five people from the Taiyu Dynasty started attacking them together.

Nobody knew what method they used to gather together in such a short amount of time, but how could they possibly win when it was five against three?

Hence, their condition became increasingly terrible after a few days of battling. This was the case until now, where they didn’t even have the basic strength to fight back.

There was something they said right. As long as they all died here, who would know what happened here before?

Dantai Ruoli waved her hands in frustration. “You don’t have to spend so much time talking to them. Just kill them directly! There are still two more behind.”

Yu Zefeng smiled flatteringly. “Ruoli, why do you need to personally take action against these people? You just need to rest at the side and watch. Leave the rest to us.”

Dantai Ruoli couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. “That’s true, lest I dirty my hands. Then, do it more cleanly.”

“Don’t worry.” Yu Zefeng then stepped forward, and cold murderous intent flashed across his face.

The few people behind him moved forward respectively and rapidly surrounded Mu Hongyu’s group of three.

This scene was a deadly encounter.

Yuwen Jinghong glanced at Mu Hongyu as he softly said, “Hongyu, I’ll stall them first. You need to take the chance to escape.”

Even though Mu Hongyu couldn’t fight against them, she could definitely escape with her Faint Yuan Body.

“But you guys—”

“Every one that escapes counts!” Yuwen Jinghong interrupted her and stared at her solemnly and seriously. “As long as you can escape, you can testify against them!”

You can’t let the three of us die here for nothing!

Mu Hongyu clenched her fists tightly, and blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

“Take action!” commanded Yu Zefeng!

The few of them attacked at the same time, and four waves of force flew out!

It was unavoidable!

Mu Hongyu and Yuwen Jinghong were about to be killed on the spot!

Yuwen Jinghong rapidly glanced at Mu Hongyu as tears flowed down the latter’s face.

The terrifying waves of force got increasingly nearer, and violent winds were stirred!

Mu Hongyu closed her eyes tightly, hopelessness filling her heart.

Just as she was about to take action, that harsh thunderstorm suddenly stopped!

Mu Hongyu was dazed and opened her eyes. However, she saw that a red barrier had appeared in front of them at some point and blocked all the attacks outside.

This is… Mu Hongyu stared at it dazedly. Then, a ridiculous and bold thought surfaced in her mind! T-this aura is clearly—

At this point, a very familiar voice sounded from midair! “Try touching my people again!”

A clear and powerful voice distinctively traveled to everyone’s ears!

At that moment, almost everyone looked up. They saw a red-tailed phoenix with spread wings in midair, and the phoenix tail seemed to be burning with fire as the fiend covered half the sun.

A woman in red stood on its back; she was breathtakingly beautiful and unparalleled!

It was Chu Liuyue.

She came with incomparable suppression. She was high and mighty, which made people respect and fear her uncontrollably.

Some people were born to be rulers, and Chu Liuyue was exactly such a person!

The moment they looked up and saw the person’s face, Dantai Ruoli and the rest were stunned!

“S-Shangguan Yue?!” Dantai Ruoli couldn’t believe her eyes. Isn’t Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier fully sealed? How did this Shangguan Yue come in?!

The moment Mu Hongyu saw Chu Liuyue, she felt calm and at ease. It was as if all the problems would be solved with the latter around.

Mu Hongyu rapidly wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, unable to conceal the excitement and happiness within. “Liuyue!”

She couldn’t help but pull Yuwen Jinghong. “It’s her—it’s really her! She really came!”

Yuwen Jinghong had yet to recover his senses at this point, and his face showed dazedness. H-her Majesty personally came?! How did she come here?!

“Shangguan Yue, how dare you secretly barge into Ancient Phoenix Mountain!” hollered Dantai Ruoli immediately. This Shangguan Yue clearly said that she wouldn’t come in previously, yet she appeared again!

The only explanation she could think of was that Shangguan Yue had already sneaked in from the beginning! However, she had always been hiding previously and only appeared now!

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly as she clenched the Long Yuan Sword in her hand. Her white and thin fingers then gently slid across the ancient black sword. “Dantai Ruoli, I advise you to be careful with your words. I slashed open Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier legitimately. Oh, forget it—there’s no use telling you all of this. Anyway… you won’t have the chance to go out and let your mouth run wild!”

Once she said this, a cold gleam flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes! “Since you look down on the golden mane bear, then this legendary fiend should be to your liking, right? Tuan Zi, tear her lips apart!”

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