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Chapter 963: I Am Protecting My Subordinates!

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Chu Liuyue sized up the Long Yuan Sword in her hands as she slowly smiled and said, “But I’ve always been magnanimous. Emperor Huai Ren, you don’t have to thank me!”

Thank?! Thank your head! Dantai Chen felt stifled, and he was so angry that smoke almost came out from his nostrils!

But now that the barrier was open, he couldn’t retort her at all!

Who would’ve thought that Chu Liuyue would actually do it?!

Not only Dantai Chen, everyone present was stunned. This barrier could only forcefully be opened with so many strong warriors working together, but why was it so easy for Chu Liuyue? Even if her talent and capabilities are heaven-defying, it should be more reasonable, right?! Is she not letting others live?!

“With that ancestor from the Tianling Dynasty helping… It’s no wonder you’re so confident,” boomed Ning Yuan, but he was looking at the Long Yuan Sword.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows, but she wasn’t surprised that Ning Yuan could guess this as she had no intentions of hiding it from the start.

From the first time she tried, Shangguan Jing directly took action. As long as one took a closer look, they would definitely notice it.

“Ancestor?” Gongsun Xiao was stunned for a moment and later recovered his senses rapidly. “The one that had one foot in the Apotheosis realm?”

Right! Wasn’t there previously a rumor that mentioned how people couldn’t accept Shangguan Yue changing her physical body and coming back at first but was directly solved with the help of Tianling’s Ancestor appearing? Rumors had it that the ancestor was long dead, but he actually left behind a soul! But with just this soul, he’s already much stronger than ordinary people since he can deal with this barrier! After all, he was rumored to be the closest person to Apotheosis!

Elder Hua Qian and the rest also noticed this at this point and had a conflicted expression. No wonder… Since she has that person to help her, it isn’t surprising that Chu Liuyue dares to be so arrogant and directly slash open this barrier.

However, Dantai Chen was scared. Tianling’s Ancestor? Isn’t that a half-step Apostheosis existence?! If she had asked this person to help previously…

Dantai Chen suddenly felt uneasy. If that Shangguan Yue finds out about what we did…

At this moment, he suddenly realized that this woman indeed couldn’t be easily offended!

After much thinking, he shut his mouth tightly.

“It seems like they all thought that you managed to open this barrier with my help…” Shangguan Jing’s voice suddenly sounded softly. “Heh, I really don’t know what their expressions would be like if they knew that I was just a support and that you’re still the one who exerted your own strength…?”

He did exert great strength with the first slash, but he only ended up even with this rainbow barrier. After all, his cultivation level wasn’t stronger than that of the Beiming Ancestor back then.

However, more of the second sword’s strength was from the water droplet in Chu Liuyue’s dantian!

It was done with incredible ease! After injecting this wave of strength into the Long Yuan Sword, the second sword easily crushed the barrier the moment it hit.

Even though Shangguan Jing knew that this thing wasn’t simple, he was stunned once again at this point!

“I’m just lucky.” Chu Liuyue laughed in her heart. This trump card is pretty useful sometimes!

The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor didn’t speak at all.

What he didn’t tell Chu Liuyue was that he even felt a sense of horror when the wave of strength attacked the barrier. It was the unknowing fear and respect that came from the bottom of one’s heart when one faced great power!

This girl seems to be unclear about how formidable the item hiding in her body is…

Chu Liuyue didn’t waste too much time with them as she turned around to look at Elder Hua Qian and directly asked, “Elder Hua Qian, can I go in now?”

Elder Hua Qian’s lips moved, and the lines of wrinkles on his old face seemed to gather together more tightly. What else can I say? The outcome is right in front of me! How can I go back on my words?!

Finally, he nodded with difficulty. “I always make good on my words. You… can just go in!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Thank you so much then!”

Then, she took a step forward and was about to enter.

“Wait a minute!” Gongsun Xiao’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment and looked up.

Gongsun Xiao was taken aback by her harsh and cold glare as he unwittingly averted his gaze and laughed. “Uh… Uh… Shangguan Yue, look—this is a competition after all. If you just go in like this, then.. Isn’t it too unfair to the rest?”

Chu Liuyue had already predicted what he was going to say, so she only raised her brows slightly. “Oh? Senior Gongsun, what do you think then?”

Gongsun Xiao coughed. Actually, I feel quite embarrassed as well, but this is something I have to do…

“Look, since you’re going in… Then, why don’t we each send one person in? Coincidentally, five people can go in this time…”

Chu Liuyue nodded thoughtfully. “Your words make sense. It is pretty boring if I enter alone.”

At this moment, even Dantai Chen and the rest looked over.

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin and smiled brightly. “Then… how about I close this barrier first? After that, the rest of you can each send someone over to open the barrier and enter. For the sake of fairness, I can wait for a while.”

“What? H-how can this do?” retorted Gongsun Xiao instinctively. “Didn’t you already open the barrier? Why—”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a half-smile. “You also know that I opened this barrier? Then, what right do you have to bargain with me?”

Gongsun Xiao suddenly realized something as his face turned green, and he shut his mouth.

The area became silent.

Chu Liuyue surveyed the surroundings. “I’m sorry, everyone. I never liked to owe other people things, and I hate other people owing me even more!”

Want to take advantage of me? Dream on!

This time, the surroundings were finally quiet.

Following this, she turned around. Just as she was about to go forward, she suddenly thought of something as she tilted her head slightly and glanced at Ning Yuan. “Right, there’s something I forgot to say.”

Ning Yuan seemed to notice something, and he looked up. Then, he saw the beautiful woman with a harsh aura smile brightly with eyes glistening.

“I can’t care about the rest, but I’ll personally protect my own people!”

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